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Google Ads Management For Scientists

Managing a Google Ads campaign is a challenge. Without a well thought out strategy and implementation plan it can quickly become a money drain. Effective Google Ads management is a fulltime job. At AZoNetwork we take the stress of running your day to day Google Ads campaigns off your desk.

Step 1:

Keyword Research and Planning (from Experimentation)

  • Test your audience – We utilise the latest tools to determine your audience.
  • Align your value proposition – We align your offering with the searcher’s intent.
  • A/B testing – We test each Ad to ensure you are getting the best possible results.

Step 2:


  • Structure – We manage the Ad groups to ensure consistency and clarity.
  • Strategic bid management – We set the initial bids and manage the bids as the Ad groups run.
  • Competition – We run extensive keyword benchmarking to define the competition for each keyword. This allows us to optimize each keyword.

Step 3:


  • Remarketing – Once the traffic is flowing, we set up remarketing campaigns designed to expose new prospects to your brand and offering.
Remarketing with Google Ads
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