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Answering your most common questions
What does AZoNetwork do?

AZoNetwork is the leading content marketing platform for Science, Engineering and Healthcare.

Marketing Services for Science, Engineering and Healthcare

We specialize in Marketing Services for science companies.

We help companies working in science, engineering and healthcare to develop their marketing strategy through brand awareness, lead generation and proving return on investment.

Content Marketing Platform

We use our own platform to create, distribute and analyze content performance.

Content creation is at the heart of everything we do. We produce quality, educational content which sits on our network of 12 owned media sites.

We reach niche audiences with technical content through targeted distribution methods. 

AZoNetwork - It all starts with a search


All of our content is strategically optimized by our SEO team to ensure that it is found by people searching for a problem or solution.


We benefit from the network effect: A range of social media channels, including Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.


With over 1 Million+ named individuals subscribed to 100+ ultra-targeted subject-specific newsletters, we specialize in distributing the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Lots of our marketing services rely on intelligent algorithms and automation. For instance, our newsletter platform sends out 100+ ultra-targeted newsletters to a database of 1 Million+ subscribers - The algorithm is programmed to match the most relevant content with the subscriber’s professional interests. When subscribers interact with content or new users find content, the algorithm gets smarter at predicting what they might be interested in reading next.

Sales and Marketing Strategy for Science

We help a range of clients to reach an audience of scientists, researchers and engineers.

What does your audience look like?

We have 12 sites used by over 100 million unique visitors and 1 Million+ high-value subscribers.

Our audience ranges across the supply chain:

From people working with raw materials then onto refined materials which go into components that go into devices that sit inside larger pieces of equipment, like microscopes and cameras.

What is the difference between targeted e-mails and newsletter?


Our newsletters cover a broad range of subject areas, all with their own subscriber lists. They are filled with content from across all of our sites and highlight some of the top stories related to their interest.

If you have a piece of content that you would like to share in one of our newsletter audiences, then newsletter sponsorships are ideal for this. Check out our subject-specific newsletters across a broad range of industry categories.

Targeted Emails

If you prefer to tailor an audience to your specific region or industry, targeted e-mails give you an opportunity to do just that. They also have the notable added benefit of you owning every click-through.

With all email marketing products, we always encourage our clients to make the content as educational and informative as possible to encourage a higher click-through rate. You can read more about it in this article, where we studied the difference between educational (non-promotional) content and promotional product-focused sales content.

Blog Post: 3 Things to Consider when Email Marketing to a Third-Party List

Explore our targeted email solutions.

What is the difference between content creation and SEO blog writing?

Although both are essentially the process of creating content from scratch, they differ in the context of the wider campaigns they are designed for.

Read on to learn the key differences and benefits to help you decide which is right for you and your marketing goals.

SEO is the art of ensuring your entire site is optimised for search engines, and a huge part of this involves the optimisation of the content on the page. Content marketing should also consider SEO, but at its very core it is the act of sharing different pieces of content online for promotion.

At AZoNetwork we offer both SEO and content marketing services, and while both hope to provide a similar goal, the content we offer for each does differ. All our SEO campaigns include regular SEO blog posts as part of the package, and we also offer content creation as a service on its own.

What is an SEO Blog Post?

As we’ve touched on above, content is an important part of any SEO strategy. Optimised on-page content can be the difference between ranking on page one of the search engine or page four. In addition to optimising the existing content on your website, our SEO packages include regular blog posts written by our in-house SEO copywriters. Our team takes control of all aspects of the process, from blog writing to posting on your website.

These blog posts are typically around the 500-word mark, they cover top to middle-of-the-funnel topics, and their main purpose is to help improve the ranking of a keyword.

Each of these blog posts target a specific keyword, which is chosen from the list of keywords we are targeting within the current campaign. The blog posts follow the standard SEO practice for keyword targeting, the term will feature within the meta data, title, and at a 4-5% density within the actual content.

Within each blog post, the keyword will feature as a link through to the main page on the site that is targeting the term. When this link is crawled by search engines, it reinforces that the next page that they land on is extremely relevant to the term and helps improve the rankings of this page.

E.g. If you were targeting the keyword term ‘Spectrometer’ on your spectrometer product page. We could create a top-of-the-funnel blog post titled ‘What is a Spectrometer’ and within this page would be a link back to the spectrometer product page.

An SEO blog post provides a range of benefits in addition to reinforcing the relevance of keywords to search engines. They can be great traffic drivers, and often rank extremely well for longer keyword strings. They also provide an additional page to the website, and when pages are added it encourages search engines to perform additional crawls of the website.

What is Content Creation?

The AZoNetwork content creation service is a one-off solution, which has the main aim of providing promotional content for clients where they don’t have the resource or the time available to create internally.

Our content creation package is typically an 800-word middle or bottom-of-the-funnel piece, written by a scientific expert in the particular field. They are often very useful for product launches or introducing new application sectors, allowing you to position yourself as a thought leader within your field.

While the standard SEO practices are still addressed with AZoNetwork content creation, they aren’t part of a wider SEO campaign, and are successful as stand-alone pieces of promotional content. Where more than one piece is purchased, we can ensure that the strategy is consistent across all content and provide advice about where to post, share and have the most success.


While both SEO blog posts and content creation sound quite similar on the surface, the purpose of each does differ. SEO blog posts are part of a wider SEO strategy and their main purpose is to help support this strategy to reach the wider goal. Content creation is a stand-alone solution, providing promotional content quickly for a specific pain point.

Both solutions have their benefits, so it’s worth considering what your specific needs are when choosing either SEO blog posts or content creation.

If you have more questions about content creation or SEO blog posts or would like to find out what solution is best for you, contact a member of our team today. 

Check out our content creation solutions.

Related Question

What is a targeted e-mail?

We offer two different e-mail promotion solutions – sponsorships of our existing subject-specific newsletters, or a targeted email that we build around your own message.

We use a database search tool to filter specific, targeted lists of people, either by their interests or by, their profession/industry area, or by a combination of both. Every targeted email we create for a client gets its own list of subscribers, created using a specially constructed set of search terms.

For each engaged subscriber in our database, we have an associated set of data that we can use to categorize their interests, to make sure we are sending them content that they are likely to want to see. To pull the best possible audience, we typically ask clients to provide some information about the audience they want to target, across a few categories:


We can filter the geographical range for your targeted email audience down to the country level. This is the clearest way to differentiate between our Newsletter Sponsorship and Targeted Email solutions – newsletters are sent out to a targeted pre-set list of subscribers, which may match your intended audience perfectly, but they are all global! If you are advertising a local event, or have any restrictions on where your product can be promoted, then a targeted email will probably be a better choice.


Keywords from the content you want to share, or from the type of content your ideal audience member will have interacted with before.


What specific application is the content about? What are some of the problems your target customer wants to solve? What questions do they want to answer?


What industries or activities does your content address/is your ideal audience member involved in?

Job Function

We filter by job function because many job titles can vary between industries, or even between companies.

For specialist audiences, particularly e.g. in the medical field where you may be sharing sensitive information, we can employ a strict filter to ensure the job titles match the ones you’re looking for. However, in many areas, this can prove to be too restrictive, and targeting an industry or application area for your product will generate a well-matched list which doesn’t risk missing anyone who has an unusual or incomplete job title in our database.


This may seem like a lot of information, and it is! The more you can share with us about your target audience, the easier it will be to narrow down the list!

However, often the quickest, easiest way for us to get a great sense of the audience that will respond the best to your content, is to see the content that you plan on sharing! It may sound obvious, but with many campaigns, the actual content is left until late in the process. Content can be hugely beneficial for shaping the campaign when it's focused on the specific message right from the start.

Our scientific editors can then determine what kind of subscribers will most likely engage with it, and use their knowledge of how our database system works to reverse engineer the query needed to find them – potentially taking much more of the persona-building and keyword research off your desk!

Explore our email marketing solutions.

What is the process for creating a targeted e-mail?

What is a targeted email?

A targeted e-mail is an email designed by us and where you own all the content. We will work with you to choose the most relevant subscribers from our database and pull everything together to complete a high-quality email campaign.

When initiating a targeted email campaign, there are certain things we need at the front end to ensure we deliver the results you expect.

In this article, we will explain what we need from you when setting out on a targeted email campaign with AZoNetwork.

Step 1. Choose a template

We typically use one of the following five templates:​

We have developed these templates based on our experience of what works. We have sent over 250 million emails to our targeted subscriber database.

The five examples cover different styles of emails that we create. The templates will give you an idea on what your email may look and feel like. We can adjust these to accommodate your brand guidelines and any other requirements you may have if necessary.

Step 2. Content

When you buy a targeted email campaign with us, you will be introduced to a dedicated member of the content team. They will work with you to define what content and information you would like included in the email.

Once you have decided upon the content and general design considerations, they will then work with our designers to put together a draft of your email.

At this point you will have an opportunity to review the design and communicate any changes or amendments you would like to make to your email.

It is also worth deciding what you would like your subject line and preheader text to be.

We will also need you to provide the landing page link you would like to direct people toward.

Step 3. Define the audience

We typically start this process at the same time as we are working on the content for your email.

You provide us with keywords relevant to what it is you are promoting. It is worth considering what your intended recipient would be searching for and the language/keywords they would use. This may not always be directly related to your product offering. For example, an engineer in the aerospace industry looking to perform surface analysis may not know the right technique they need for their specific requirement. Do they need optical metrology or perhaps a SEM solution? The Keyword “SEM” will only capture those interested in SEM and miss anyone investigating wider solutions. 

We will then take those keywords and interrogate our database to find the most relevant individuals matching your target audience criteria. If necessary, we will do some additional keyword research to ensure we get the most targeted list of individuals for the mail out.

What do I need to provide for a content creation article?

Content creation is where we create a unique article for you about a specific subject. There are a few things we need from you to ensure the best possible outcome of your content creation article.

All of the information we need can be found in our online content creation brief.

Content Creation Form

The brief can be filled in before you purchase a content creation article or during a campaign if you have content creation as part of a wider content marketing program.

Filling in each section of the brief with the correct information will reduce the amount of back and forth later in the process.

The basic information

Firstly, we need your name and organization. This will allow us to assign your requirements to the correct order and/or point of contact to carry out the process for you.

What do you want to write about?

The next section is very important for the final article.

By answering the questions above, our content team will gain a clear understanding of what the topic is, the specific question you are trying answer with the eventual article and any key points or products that should be referenced.

It is important you provide as much information as you can in this section. The more information we have will reduce the amount of editing required after the first draft is complete.  

Who is the article aimed at?

In this section of the brief, we are aiming to isolate the technical level required. The information you provide here will help dictate the style and tone of the article.

We produce articles at the very top of the funnel, all the way through to product-focused technical content. We have put together a table to help explain the different levels of the content we produce.

Technical Level Example
Very General

A top of the funnel piece explaining the basics of an application or technique. What is XRF?


A top of the funnel piece with some details about how it can be applied to an application or industry. What is XRF and how it works in metals analysis…


A short introduction with some technical details regarding application or technique. Improving XRF in scrap metal analysis…


A technical look at a product or technique used in a specific application. How to Determine Layer Thickness and Composition using WDXRF…

Very technical

An in-depth look at a product or technique used in a specific application. Analyzing the Crystalline Phase Distribution and Properties of Biotite in Granite…

Supporting information and resources

Although we conduct independent research, we also find it useful if you can provide any additional documentation, supporting application notes, papers, etc. that would be relevant to the piece you would like us to write.

At the bottom of the form, you can upload or drag and drop any additional source material. We also recommend that you provide links to material that will help the writer when creating the article.

After you have finished filling out the form, click the red submit button and your brief will be sent to our content team. Once we have it in our system, we will then work with our team of expert science writers to bring your content to life.

It is as easy as that. Once you have submitted the brief, you should expect the first draft of your content within two weeks.

The first draft will likely need some editing before it is finished. This is a normal part of any content creation process, but we aim to get the first draft as close to the finished article as possible.

During the editing process, you will liaise directly with one of the editorial team. For the quickest results, we recommend that you gather and submit all feedback and send it directly to your editorial point of contact. They will work with the writing team to make any amendments to a second draft. The second draft should be the final piece and any other changes at this stage will be minimal.

Final comments

When filling in the online brief, don’t hold back on sending as many sources as possible and filling out the form with as much detail as you can, even if it is copy and paste. This will give our writers the best possible chance of producing an engaging quality piece of content that matches your expectations.

Content Creation Form 

Check out our content creation solutions.

Why do we repurpose content?

AZoNetwork provides native advertising content distribution services where existing client articles, technical notes, whitepapers and/or product pages are repurposed and hosted on an AZoNetwork site for a period of twelve months. 

Why Host on AZoNetwork?

AZoNetwork generates an audience of over 100 million visitors per year. This audience is predominantly composed of professionals in relevant industrial and academic sectors. With a significant web footprint established over 20 years, content on AZoNetwork is available to distribute to a highly relevant online audience through desktop, tablet, mobile devices and email in a format that is viewable across all major browsers. All content distributed on the AZoNetwork is optimized for search engines using the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.  Distributed content will also include “calls to action” such as “Request a Quote”, “Download as a pdf” and “Download a Brochure”.

Why do we ‘Repurpose’ Content?

From a Search Engine Optimization standpoint, repurposed content avoids issues around duplicate content and increases the opportunity of your content being found by the optimum audience.

How do we ‘Repurpose’ Content?

Our team of writers will take your content and repurpose it to generate new content. All facts and key points will remain, our writers do not generate “new original” content but we retitle and rework your content to ensure it is “written for the web” and optimized for Search Engines. 

Once this process is completed, we send your content to our quality control department who proofread, fact check and run the content through a plagiarism checker. Due to the retention of key facts and issues, a plagiarism score of 75% or less is anticipated.

Check out our content distribution solutions.

What is a product package?

We offer two main types of product pages:

Product Profiles

Our product profile packages come in sets of ten.

  • Number of Profiles
  • Up to 10
  • Up to 20
  • Up to 30
  • Up to 40
  • Up to 50
  • Up to 100


Each product has a dedicated page providing relevant information and the option to attach product brochures or supporting materials.

Here are some examples from across the network:

There is no restriction on a certain website. Products can be split across the ten domains under the AZoNetwork group according to relevance. Our editors will work with you to position the pages against your profile on the most relevant website.


Product Showcase

A product showcase offers you the chance to promote your new products to a global audience through specific inbound and outbound marketing channels designed to educate, engage and inform. Our Product Showcases combine the following depending on the one you prefer:

  • Thought-leader written interviews
  • Targeted newsletter sponsorships
  • Distribution of application-based content
  • Individual product profiles
  • Display advertising
What is content distribution?

We work with you to repurpose and repackage your existing content, application notes, white papers and more with our Content Distribution packages.

Our content distribution packages come in sets of ten.

  • Up to 10
  • Up to 20
  • Up to 30
  • Up to 40
  • Up to 50
  • Up to 100


The articles are designed to educate, inform and attract your key audience. According to Google research, 57% of the buying decision is made before that prospect picks up the phone to call.

Key Benefits:

  • Expand the reach and quality of audience who are likely to be interested in your content
  • Provide educational, informative content that generates awareness
  • Provide detailed case studies for those prospects who are looking to buy and are seeking confirmation that your solution has worked in their application

There is no restriction on a certain website. Content packages can be split across the ten domains under the AZoNetwork group according to relevance. Our editors will work with you to position the content against your profile on the most relevant website.

See our content distribution solutions. 

What is content creation?

Content creation is where we create a piece of unique content for you. Working with our team of highly qualified editors, we will help you define a content creation brief and task one our 100+ scientific writers to produce a quality, informative and engaging piece of content that tells your story to the right people.

Simply choose the subject, style, tone and provide us with three or four pieces of reference material and we do the rest.

Key Benefits

  • Generate premium quality unique content
  • Develop relationships, build a thought-leadership position and educate your target audience
  • You own the copyright and can publish elsewhere, or we can take care of the distribution – just talk to us about duplicate content do’s and don’ts
  • Free up your internal resources by using our copywriting experts.

Check out our content creation solutions.

Related Questions

What interview options do you offer?

We offer two main types of interview:

Explore our interview solutions.

What is a thought-leader interview?

A thought-leader interview is an 8-10 question written interview with your customer. The interview focuses on their work or research and how your product/service has helped advance their work.

They are hosted on the most relevant website within AZoNetwork’s group of websites and feature on the latest interview section of the homepage.

The finished interview will sit on the website indefinitely. Here are a few examples:

Check out our thought-leader interview solutions.

What is an ‘insights from industry’ interview?

An insights from industry interview is an 8-10 question written interview with an expert within your organization. The interview will focus on a specific product or service and how it is advancing a specific industry, application, discipline etc.

They are hosted on the most relevant website within AZoNetwork’s group of websites and feature on the latest interview section of the homepage.

The finished interview will sit on the website indefinitely. Here are a few examples:

Check out our 'insights from industry' interview solutions.

What email marketing do you offer?

We offer two main email marketing solutions:

  • Newsletter sponsorship
  • Targeted emails

Both options are designed to target a specific set of subscribers interested in a certain area of science. We work with you to create the content to ensure a highly targeted and elegant solution to your email marketing requirements.

Explore our email marketing solutions.

Related Questions

What is a newsletter sponsorship?
We offer two sponsorship options:
  • Headline sponsor
  • Featured sponsor

Choose between our 100+ subject-specific editions: AZoNetwork Newsletters

Headline sponsor

A headline sponsor sits at the top of the email and consists of 50 words and an image. We will link the sponsored position to your desired landing page and track all the interactions via our analytics platform, AZoIntel. The data is available for you to use as you see fit.

Featured sponsor

A featured sponsor sits directly below the headline sponsor and consists of 50 words and an image. We will link the sponsored position to your desired landing page and track all the interactions via our analytics platform, AZoIntel. The data is available for you to use as you see fit.

Key Benefits

Sponsor a newsletter to boost brand awareness, increase lead generation and share your content with ultra-targeted audiences.

  • Gain exposure for your story
  • Boost brand awareness within a targeted community
  • Increase lead generation

See the price list

What video options do you offer?

We offer seven types of video:

  • Thought-leader testimonial videos
  • Subtitles social videos
  • Animated videos
  • Product videos
  • Multilingual videos
  • Event videos
  • Training & ease of use videos

A full range of examples for each video type can be seen here.

See rate card

Related Questions

What does your video package include?

Our video packages are offered on a day rate and include the following:

  • A day’s filming
  • Up to three edited videos
  • Up to three minutes of edited footage per video.

See the day rate by region here.

Related Questions

How does your video process work?

Our video team is well versed in video production across multiple scientific industries. The process is extremely simple and efficient, helping you get the most out of your video budget.

Our team of trained videographers follow six simple steps:

  1. You will work with the team to choose the style of video and subject to be discussed. (See our different video types here)
  2. Our experienced video team will help you plan the concept and write the script.
  3. We film all the footage we need on-site.
  4. We edit your videos.
  5. You have an opportunity to review and request any modifications.
  6. The final video file is sent to you and a member of our team will discuss any additional distribution options.

All work is agreed upon in a statement-of-works before the filming takes place to ensure everyone knows exactly what will happen throughout the process.

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Which SEO services do you offer?

At AZoNetwork, our in-house web services team has a transparent and educational approach to SEO. Here are the services you will receive:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword optimization
  • Creative blog writing
  • Technical SEO analysis and improvements
  • User behavior analysis and improvements
  • Web content writing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Monthly reporting

We offer our SEO services in three campaign options.

SEO campaign rate card

Check out our SEO solutions.

Related Questions

Do you need access to my website for an SEO campaign?

Ideally yes. Our aim is to take as much work off your desk as we can so we only require a few small things from you to make the process as seamless as possible:

  • Access to your CMS platform
  • Access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • The occasional approval for any visible on-site content or suggestions we make (e.g. blog posts, H1 tag edits, etc.)

If however, website access isn't allowed, then we can document all the changes needed and send via email with detailed instructions.

Related Questions

Why do you perform keyword research & competitor analysis?

We run thorough keyword research to determine which are the best keywords to target for your website. We also compare what competitors are targeting in order to see what works and what doesn’t. 

Related Questions

How does keyword optimization work?

Using our keyword research, we optimize your website metadata, making suggestions for on-site edits. This includes information only visible by search engines (metadata).

If you would like to learn more about metadata and how it works, we have a range of articles covering the topic of SEO on our blog page.

Related Questions

Why do you offer creative blog writing as part of an SEO campaign?

Consistently updating your website with high quality, optimized content is important to maintain keyword rankings. We provide blog posts of around 500 words either bi-weekly or once a month (depending on requirements) as part of the SEO campaign. 

As part of the blog writing process, we will look over the existing content on the site and perform gap analysis to highlight any areas that may benefit from additional content or pages. 

Related Questions

How do you structure a blog article?

Meta Details

Meta Title: Same as H1 (i.e. up to 60 characters, including keyword).

Example: Life science social media marketing

Meta Description: Brief abstract of the article’s main point, including the target keyword. Between 70 and 150 characters.

Example: Life science social media marketing can provide your business with increased awareness, higher engagement & more leads.

Slug: User-friendly URL structure based on the H1. Remove punctuation and connective words. Separate each word with a hyphen (-).

Example: /marketing-science/blog/life-science-social-media-marketing

Keyword Focus: Determine a relevant keyword for each post, using the rankings report provided by AZoNetwork. Internal/PR posts typically suit short and generic keyword strings

Example: Life Science Social Media Marketing

Internal Links: Always link back to the keyword landing page using the same keyword as the hyperlink. Link back to the contact page or a relevant form submission too.

Word Count: 300 – 700 words.

Content Details

Post Title/H1: Up to 60 characters, including keyword.

Introduction: A short summary of the article’s main purpose containing the KW focus.

Subsections: Break the rest of the article up into pertinent subsections, clearly headed with subtitles.

  • For subtitles, use either the <strong> or <h3> tag. The difference is largely semantic provided they are consistent throughout.

Conclusion: Summarise the article with a call to action (CTA), typically to direct readers either to a contact us form or to a landing page. Use hyperlinks in the body of the text for this.

Notes: Where relevant, use bullet-pointed/numbered lists, CTAs throughout, images, charts, quotes from experts/literature, etc.

Find out more on our SEO page or request a free SEO Health Check.