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Renewable energy sources are the bedrock of clean tech, providing a platform for technology companies to innovate and drive growth in a sustainable way. Currently, the renewable energy industry is still widely characterised by the use of "alternative energy", even though the sector is tipped to exceed the value of oil by 2030. This comes amidst significant scaling-up of investment into clean energy in-line with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in the United States and beyond by 2050. The term alternative highlights the disruptive nature of the sector, and embracing that disruptiveness is often central to alternative energy marketing. But there are intricacies to all marketing strategies which mean no two approaches to renewable energy marketing should be the same.

Digital content marketing should be at the forefront of any good marketing strategy, particularly for an industry characterised by such explosive growth. It enables businesses to convey their USPs succinctly and effectively, establishing thought leadership with users from all over the world. However, that growth is also characterised by competition. The challenge therein is how to establish yourself, how to cultivate your audience, and how to maximise your market share.

AZoCleantech is one of the world's foremost news outlets for the green technology market. We create, curate, and distribute high-quality content to a dedicated readership of global academics and manufacturing professionals. Our goal is to share science stories with the people who can make a difference.

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