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Asia 22.42%
Africa 5.86%
Oceania 6.40%

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News-Medical is one of the world’s foremost medical marketing platforms, serving as a digital marketing hub for multi-national healthcare organizations to ethically expand their online presence. We reach a truly global audience across a broad cross-section of healthcare services, from professionals working in medical practices, and healthcare industry researchers, to potential patients looking to educate themselves.

Content marketing for the healthcare industry is a complicated business. It requires careful consideration of conventional digital healthcare marketing strategies, such as email marketing, plus a diligent approach social media marketing, and SEO strategy. Intertwined with the business complexities of medical digital marketing campaigns are ethical and regulatory requirements. Key marketing partnerships are beneficial for healthcare brands looking to navigate this tricky online landscape.

As a leading medical marketing platform, News-Medical can help you overcome the interdisciplinary challenges of digital marketing for in the healthcare industry. We create, curate, and distribute high-quality content to readers on every continent, with a significant portion of our audience based in the USA, and growing segments in Europe and Asia.


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