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Scientific Social Media Content Creation

Get high-quality, social media ready content that engages your audience and generates awareness around your marketing campaigns. We re-purpose your existing podcasts, webinars and video content for use across all of the social media channels. 

  • High quality, professional audio & video content (examples below)
  • Up to 5 x Social Media Snippet Videos per campaign
  • Short snippet videos, optimised for social media networks
  • Increase brand awareness online and on all of the major podcast players
  • Reach and engage your audience on Social Media
  1. 1Send us your existing long form content (webinars, podcasts, interviews or videos)
  2. 2We repurpose this content into Social Media friendly content. 
  3. 3Distribution - You receive original MP4 files & Vimeo links to embed on your site and share with your social media audience.


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Pharma Applications of Collisional Cross Section Data
Our Role in the COVID-19 pandemic

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