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IGD Testimonial

IGD Logo International Gas Detectors (IGD) develops, manufacture and market a complete range of fixed gas detection products to protect people and plant against gas hazards in industry, research and commercial applications.

The AZoNetwork team has been incredibly helpful in our marketing strategy. From content creation, planning with IGD and providing opinion. So, for us, AZo is an integral part of our marketing process.

Hal Collier 
Marketing Manager, IGD
AZoIntel - Testimonial from International Gas Detectors

The Challenge

Although IGD were well established within the gas detection industry, they had found that within their target industries, gas hazards were not well known; educating customers and answering their questions was the main priority.

They also had problems with video campaigns and getting speakers to participate in their content marketing campaigns.

Struggling for resources, IGD was looking for help redesigning their website, creating video and editorial content, as well as planning and delivering an SEO campaign.

The Solution

AZoNetwork worked closely with IGD to develop a full content and website strategy to help educate customers and boost visibility. We redesigned IGD's website, ensuring great user experience, up to date design and CRO.

We produced a 3-month SEO strategy that has now been successfully running for 15 months to supplement the new website.

Once the website was optimised for lead generation, we worked on integrating the new leads and analytics data with our AZoIntel platform and their CRM so that they could manage them more effectively.

The AZoNetwork team has been outstanding pretty much from the get-go.  

The Results

Designing, building and optimizing a new mobile friendly website resulted in a 72% increase in the organic traffic compared to previous years.

This led to an increase in inquiries of 326%, compared to a year before the redesign. In the last 4 months, we have run a CRO campaign too, where we have showcased an increase in conversion rates of 162%.

To manage the leads more efficiently, we integrated them into their CRM and our AZoIntel platform.

  • 72% increase in traffic
  • 162% increase in conversion rate
  • 326% increase in enquiries

What's Next?

The relationship between IGD and AZoNetwork is now entering its 4th year where our team has become part of IGD's Marketing team. This year we will continue our 6-month SEO campaign as well as our content creation and web services.


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