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Pittcon Testimonial

Pittcon Logo Pittcon is the leading exhibition for Analytical Instrumentation companies.

The AZoNetwork team is very professional from start to finish. Very flexible and very capable. There is a lot of scientific and technical expertise on the team. We don’t consider AZoNetwork as a company with which we do advertising, but more as a partner or an extension of our internal staff and marketing team. Never any pressure, only solutions.

Marian Nardozzi
Senior Marketing & Communications Specialist, Pittcon
Pittcon Conference Hall

Traditionally, we struggled with implementing a content marketing strategy. We were looking for advertising that gave us a larger, deeper reach and in addition, more targeted campaigns which would give us a better ROI on our advertising dollars. Looking to reach a younger, newer audience.

We also had problems with video campaigns and getting our speakers to participate in our content marketing campaigns.

AZoNetwork writes technical content in different formats for our website and for posting on their own network for increased exposure and distribution.

The entire team is very focused and gets the job done. Also, no matter what your spend is, large or small, the attention and service you receive is top notch.

Due to the huge amount of traffic that AZoNetwork receives, any advertising across their network and distribution channels produces great results. Furthermore, their team is instrumental in reaching our speakers to provide interviews and to make content videos and testimonials.

What Pittcon Can do for You

AZoNetwork does all the work and the results are amazing.

Other than the positive results, there are a lot of great facets of working with AZoNetwork; I think the most significant is the ease of implementing the campaigns. AZoNetwork does all the work and the results are amazing.

The entire AZoNetwork team offer very creative solutions to challenges. They take into consideration your budget, challenges, resources and make a plan that fits your needs. Not only this, they are typically on the forefront of advertising methods and continue to come up with new ways of sending the message to reach new audiences which is always a challenge for us.

Don’t hesitate to work with AZoNetwork... You will not regret the dollars spent. Define your goals and challenges and turn it over to them to come up with a plan.

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