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Thermcraft Testimonial

Thermcraft Logo Thermcraft are an international leading manufacturer of high quality thermal processing equipment.

Since working with AZoNetwork’s Web Services and SEO team, Thermcraft are now page 1 for a huge amount of our chosen keywords and we have seen a 72.46% increase in organic traffic as well as a 24.23% increase in inquiries in the last 6 months alone.

Derrick Wilson
Marketing Manager, Thermcraft Inc.
Thermcraft Tube Furnace

Previously, our SEO had been mediocre, the website seemed to work ok but we didn’t appear anywhere in the organic listings for our most important keywords – It was working, but by no means optimised.

By focusing on keyword promotion and search engine placement of those keywords, AZoNetwork drastically improved our SEO strategy. They explained how Google works and what areas of my website needed improving. They focussed on our keywords and we now rank page 1 for all the important variations.

The overall SEO strategy has given us a huge increase in organic traffic (72.46%) which has the knock on effect increasing the inquiry rate by 24.23%. Not only has the volume of organic traffic increased, but also the quality of traffic has improved. More quality organic traffic leads to higher conversion rates, product inquiries and ultimately sales.

Our website is now converting traffic into leads at a staggering 13.59%, that’s around 1 in every 7 unknown visitors becoming a named lead!

Not only has the volume of organic traffic increased, but also the quality of traffic has improved.

The AZoNetwork team have taken the time to explain the main principles of how Google works and the importance of position within the results of a search. Their activities are visible on a monthly basis and we really understand the value of what we are paying for.

Having previously ran other marketing campaigns with AZoNetwork, the team were already very knowledgeable about our industry, product range and application specific keywords. We had never been shown how Google actually works, it was explained and demonstrated in an easy to understand and honest way. Previous companies had made out it was a ‘dark art’ or used IT terminology that we didn’t really understand.

We would definitely recommend using AZoNetwork’s web services - We have had a significant uptake in business.


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