Meet the Team

Working with companies in materials science, nanotechnology, life sciences, medicine, clean technologies, sensors and robotics

Ian Birkby


Ben Amada


Rolf Easto

Sales Manager

Andy Coveney

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Joel Scanlon

Digital Specialist and Founder of News-Medical.Net

Frank Barker

Head of Marketing

Philip Melnik

Content and Digital Marketing Consultant

Brent Hatch

Key Account Executive

Matt Pullen

Content and Digital Marketing Consultant

Lee Pickering

Content and Digital Marketing Consultant

Megan Davies

Digital Marketing Consultant

Toby Charnock

Digital Marketing Consultant

Sabina Ali

Digital Marketing Consultant

Dave Cockett

Web Services Manager

Jess Maloney

SEO Account Manager

Eden Rose Cardwell-Lison

Web Services Assistant

Matt Rafferty

SEM Account Manager

Ben Stibbs-Eaton

SEO Copywriter

Mychealla Rice

Senior Editor

Adam King


Joan Nugent

Editorial Production Coordinator

Laura Thomson


Emily Henderson


Dan Hutchins


Arminder Dahul

Lead Developer

Evgeny Lukiyanov

Technical Architect

Tibor Bicskei

Lead Developer

Kirsten Frances Birkby

Office Manager

Kris Walker

Managing Editor/Head of Content

Will Soutter

Creative - Video Specialist

Torsten Christensen

Creative - UX Specialist

Beth Burton

Creative - Email Specialist

Lauren Ng

Creative - Multimedia Designer

Rachel Smith

Finance Manager

Liz Boston-Brady

Accounts Manager

Clare Eldershaw

Finance Assistant

Danny Layzell

Marketing Project Manager

Elizabeth Rudy

Marketing Coordinator

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