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Avantama Testimonial

Avantama is a leader in high-tech materials for electronics. Their material innovations are used in optical and electronic coatings.

We’ve been working with the AZoNetwork for many years. What impressed me the most is the evolution of AZoNetwork from a news website offering simple banner adverts to a full service SEO company. 

At the same time, the personal support has always been reliable and straight forward. I can definitely recommend working with AZoNetwork!

Samuel Halim
CEO, Avantama.

The Challenge

Avantama is an industry-leader in high-tech materials for electronics; an extremely competitive sector where reaching the correct audience segment is crucial. We have worked with AZoNetwork for years, honing our SEO strategy to maximise our visibility and to drive high quality traffic that translates to qualified leads. Recently, one of our core, proprietary materials became commercially viable, and it was vital for us to ramp up our content marketing efforts in-line with that new selling point.

The Solution

The SEO team at AZoNetwork created a strategy which saw our organic traffic rise by nearly 110%, and our goal conversions and lead generation rising by 120%. Organic traffic is now the main traffic source to the website and is increasing in volume month-on-month. This was a resounding success, and we hope to see even more success in future months.

Additionally, the SEO team audited all the content developed for us over the last few years, bucketing articles into topics and sorting them by critical KPIs. Rather than develop new posts for the site, their efforts went into fine-tuning existing pages to improve those KPIs and to ultimately achieve more valuable Google rankings.

The Results

The content auditing offered by the SEO team was extremely successful. Refreshed articles received an increase in pageviews of up to 275%, an uptick on the average page on time of up to 346%, and an increase in entrances of up to 290%. These metrics were mirrored by quick and valuable gains in the rankings. We achieved a brand-new page one ranking for one of our most competitive keywords as a direct result of these efforts.

We have also seen large increases in placement of our keywords, with 22 more of our keywords appearing on page 1 of Google than at the start of the campaign. This helps us get our most important pages seen by the right people, increasing the quantity of quality website traffic.

  • 275% increase in pageviews
  • 22 more keywords on page 1
  • 346% increase in average time on page


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