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Tecman Testimonial

Tecman Logo Tecman are high precision, self-adhesive tape manufacturer and converter specialising in providing advanced bonding and sealing solutions that enhance and add value to our client’s assembly process and finished products.

Organic traffic has increased 46.34% since working with the SEO team. Most importantly however, both the quality and the quantity of our inquiries has improved considerably, resulting not only in more sales but bigger sales too!

Jo Talbot
Marketing Manager, Tecman Specialty Materials
Thermcraft Tube Furnace

Previously, Tecman did little in terms of SEO and it was evident as we started with zero positions on page one of Google. Since working with the Web Services and SEO team at AZoNetwork we have gained well over 10 new page one positions for our targeted keywords, which has ultimately increased the traffic to our site.

We have seen a 46.34% increase in organic traffic for October to December YOY, and a significant increase in inquiries. Not only has our inquiry rate increased, but the quality of inquiries is considerably better, resulting in bigger sales for us.

The team were very transparent in their approach to SEO and told us exactly what they were doing and why. This comprehensive information assured us that our site was in good hands and they were always available if we had any questions.

AZoNetwork has worked closely with us to understand exactly what we want to gain and they have tailored their services to suit our needs.

We wanted to focus specifically on the automotive sector, and we now have high page one rankings for specific keywords in those industries. They achieved this through optimizing our product pages and the blog posts they have written for us.

Not many companies would allow us to trial the services with a 3-month contract, this was a big advantage for us as it established confidence in the project and removed some of the uncertainty surrounding SEO.

We were eager to extend the contract with AZoNetwork for a further 12 months and continue to improve our website’s visibility. I would recommend the service to any company who know little about SEO or those struggling to keep on top of it in-house.


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