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Engage your audience online with a scientific webinar. Webinars are particularly useful for educating around a new technology or application, demonstrating best practice on a product or service, and even establishing thought leadership in a round table discussion.

With over 300 webinars’ experience, our team is with you every step of the way to plan, promote and execute a successful webinar series.

Our team removes the workload from your desk so that you can focus on other key activities.

  • Engage your technical audience in a format they are familiar with
  • Prioritize education along the customer journey
  • Reach a global audience on their time zone
  • Engage your audience with online polls, surveys and compare common issues
  • Demonstrate methodology and procedure
  • Collect market intelligence before, during and post event
  1. 1Project management – Leave the details in the hands of our experienced team.
  2. 2Presenter on-boarding – Leave the presenters to focus on the Science which they know best!
  3. 3Practice sessions – Ensure the event runs smoothly.
  4. 4Live moderation – Hosting, polling and audience engagement facilitate an interactive experience.
  5. 5Post-production – Utilize an On-Demand version which can be viewed by anyone anywhere.


Lead Report – See who viewed your content, how they answered the polls, what questions they asked and many more data points to give you a deeper understanding of your audience.

Webinar recording – You own the webinar after the event and can use it as an On-Demand version.

Slide deck – You can use the slide deck as a presentation and in other online materials

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