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Scientific Webinars

Webinars are a phenomenal platform for sharing your expertise and creating an experience that will keep your brand top of mind with your audience. Scientific webinars are particularly useful for educating about a new technology or application, demonstrating best practices on a product or service, and establishing thought leadership in a round table discussion.

With vast webinar experience, our team is with you every step of the way to plan, promote and execute a successful scientific webinar series.

Our team removes the workload from your desk so that you can focus on other key activities.

  • Engage your technical audience in a format they are familiar with
  • Prioritize education along the customer journey
  • Reach a global audience on their time zone
  • Engage your audience with online polls, surveys and compare common issues
  • Demonstrate methodology and procedure
  • Collect market intelligence before, during and post-event
  1. 1Planning & content creation - event set up, speaker on-boarding, market intelligence strategy - we'll work with you to plan it all. 
  2. 2Webinar promotion - we run extensive promotional campaigns to our ultra-targeted audiences. 
  3. 3Live event - a fully managed and moderated live or simulated live webinar. 
  4. 4On-demand promotion - extensive on-demand promotion and a gated webinar for up to 12-months. 
  5. 5State-of-the-art reporting. See all of the latest data within our analytics platform AZoIntel.
Solution Overview


A fully managed webinar event – We provide the complete webinar production and promotion service and our experienced team can help you to manage the whole journey from start to finish.

Ultra-targeted promotion – With 100,000,000+ unique annual visitors across 11 websites and 1 million+ first-party subscribers, we can provide expansive campaigns and/or highly-targeted and granular campaigns too.

Market Intelligence Report – Segment your audience based on intent and get a deeper understanding of their needs. See who viewed your content, how they answered the polls, what questions they asked and many other key data points so you can pass the right leads to sales and nurture the others. 

Webinar recording – We can host and keep your webinar gated for up to 12 months. You also own the webinar after the event and can use it on your website, YouTube channel, or even repurpose it for other channels. 

Webinar Examples from across the AZoNetwork

60-min Live or Simulated-live Webinar (up to 3 presenters)
Dedicated Event Manager & Moderator
Content Strategy Meeting with Client
Webinar Event Landing Page on AZoNetwork Site
Presenter Orientation & Tech Checks
Presentation Formatting (optional)
Guided Practice Session
Email Marketing Included
Social Media Marketing Included
Live Audience Polling
Audience Question Submission and Moderated Q&A with Presenters
Production of Webinar Recording (MP4)
Market Intelligence Report, Including Registrant Details, Engagement Data, Polling and Survey Results
Email Notification of On-Demand Resources to Registrants
On-demand Email & Social Media Promotion
Hosting of Recording, with Lead Capture, Polling and Survey Integration, and Access to On-Demand Registrant and Viewer Metrics Up to 12 months

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