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The Latest B2B Content Marketing Insights for Science and Industry

Digital Marketing Solutions for International Gas Detectors

A case study highlighting the digital marketing solutions AZoNetwork supplies to International Gas Detectors. IGD are specialists in gas detection...

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Display ad specifications [PDF updated annually]

With over 100 million unique users per year, the 12 subject specific websites across the AZoNetwork have large audiences presenting exciting...

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How to Plan a Science Webinar

Using Webinars to Market Science is the latest webinar from our Scientific marketing team. This webinar looks at all of the key aspects of planning,...

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A guide to Facebook audience targeting [How to Video]

A guide to Facebook audience targeting. This post provides picture and video guides to setting up target audiences on Facebook.

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3 Things to Consider When Email Marketing to a Third-Party List

Email Audience, Reputation, and Content - there is a direct correlation between the number of clicks and style of the content.

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The Scientific Buyers Journey

This article aims to use the experience, data and insights gained to shed light on the scientific buyer’s journey.

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Using eBooks to Tell Science Stories

eBooks are the key to any Marketing Science strategy: Offer the reader valuable knowledge and in exchange, they pay you with their attention.

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Sharing Science via Interesting Infographics

Why do we love infographics? Data, Design and Detail. Infographics combine all 3 elements in a very powerful and engaging content medium.

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Life Science Marketing - Create, Distribute, Analyze

Life science marketing requires a scientific approach: from content creation to distribution and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns.

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