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Lead Magnet eBooks: Make Your Content Work for You

Create Once, Distribute Forever has been our motto over the last few years, and for good reason.

We oftentimes see clients spend significant amounts of time, effort and resources in creating content only to move straight on to the next project without a second thought for distribution. Content marketing doesn’t just rely on putting good content out there, but also nurturing it and making sure it finds the best distribution channels and exposure to thrive.

How well are you looking after all the great content which your team has created?

Because as a general rule, that content is, indeed, great. In some cases, poor content performance doesn’t necessarily equal poor quality, more likely poor distribution.

It was this concept that led us to design and develop the Industry Focus eBooks, which in turn led to the creation of our latest product: the eBook Production.

Industry Focus eBooks Drive Brand Awareness

We wanted to provide even more value to our subscribers and grow even further, which is why we created the Industry Focus eBooks, a summary of the top content from a series of ultra-targeted vertical applications and industries. Our editors have curated a mix of the most interesting, relevant and popular content around subjects ranging from Advanced Materials and Antibodies to Semiconductors, Stem Cells and XRF analysis.

Our range of Industry Focus eBooks Drive Brand Awareness

We then designed an easy-to-read and visually appealing eBook compiled from this content and distributed it throughout the sites, appearing on the relevant, related content.

We have seen an uplift of 30,000+ scientists, researchers and engineers downloading our latest line of Industry Focus eBooks over the last 6 months.

>>>View Our Life Sciences Industry Focus eBooks<<<

>>>View Our Material Science Industry Focus eBooks<<<

Our Unique Network

With over 110M unique annual users and 983K+ first-party subscribers, AZoNetwork is a dedicated content marketing platform for Science like no other.

AZoNetwork of 12 Industry Sites

12 industry sites and 100+ subject specific newsletters make up the AZoNetwork’s distribution platform as well as a customised email engine that sends over 50M targeted, personalised emails each year.

eBooks Production

Examples of eBook Productions front covers

But why stop there? As we have found a great way to convert engaged users into qualified leads we wanted to develop this further as a commercial solution for lead generation within our client’s niche application areas.

We have found this to be a great way to give our client’s content the exposure it deserves whilst also providing great value to our readers. By distributing these throughout our content-tagging system, we ensure the promotion shows on highly relevant content and it’s served to already engaged readers, maximising conversion and lead quality.

The Process

Over the past 6 months and with dozens of eBooks created, we have perfected the process from content creation to distribution and tying it all together in AZoIntel where we measure the success.


It all starts with quality unique content. Without good-quality content, none of the rest matters. We generate an engaging eBook from existing content, already published on our network, and create a unique landing page where it lives next to your supplier profile.

Don’t have any content on our sites? Combine the eBook with content-creation and distribution packages and get the benefits of a eBook Production whilst also increasing brand awareness and reaching new audiences with content across the AZoNetwork.

Example: eBook Production

The Distribution Channels

Using the newsletter and customised email network along with our unique in-content display widget, you can reach 10,000s of engaged content-targeted impressions to drive downloads.

This widget will be served to audiences reading relevant content, around 2-3 mins in, ensuring they are engaged with the content, pre-qualifying them before they have even downloaded the content.

Example: In-content display widget

To complement the widget promotion, why not sponsor a newsletter or create a customized email? These tried and tested options present your eBook to a highly-targeted audience, providing them with lots of valuable content and you with a new lead.

Through our extensive analysis of 250 million emails sent through our network, we discovered that “eBook” was the second best-performing word to add to an email subject, increasing the open rate by 13.3%.

Knowing our subscribers are looking for value, distributing eBook Production through our network is the perfect way to connect our clients with engaged, interested scientists and industry professionals.

>>>Take a look at our 100+ newsletter topics, sorted by industry<<<

Check out some examples of our newsletters and customised emails:

Analyse the Results

Once your eBook is live, you can measure the results on AZoIntel. See who has viewed the landing page and who has downloaded the eBook, in real time. Our first-party consent policies ensure all leads have agreed to be contacted by you.

We also monitor performance and ensure your eBook is being shown on all relevant content, optimising tags and looking after your content.

The demo data shown in the picture above has been randomised for privacy reasons.

eBook Production is the best way to offer your prospects valuable information, application notes and thought leadership. Got an idea that would make a great eBook? Contact us here and our expert team will get in touch with you!

Posted by Sara López Segura

Originally from south Spain, Sara has always had a passion for telling stories. She has a degree in Journalism, a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a level 3 Distinction diploma in Digital Marketing. Sara started her career in 2014, in the Design department of a language academy in Madrid as part of her University course. At the beginning of 2016, Sara moved to Manchester whilst working on completing her second degree course. Feeling two degrees were not enough, she undertook a level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship, managing everything Marketing & Design for hair and beauty brands. Apart from Marketing, Sara loves anything creative. This includes illustration, crafting and crotcheting. Her rural upbringing has also given her a surprising amount of knowledge about farming and cats.

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