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The Latest B2B Content Marketing Insights for Science and Industry

SEO Key Performance Indicators You Should be Monitoring

Discover which KPIs you should be monitoring with AZoIntel. Empowering marketers with actionable insights on SEO metrics, streamlining analysis and...

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Google Analytics 4: What You Need to Know

Google Analytics 4 has finally arrived. Here is what you need to know to make the move from Universal Analytics to GA4

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Automating your Webinar Reporting & Analytics

Automate your Webinar Reporting & Analytics to get a complete picture of your webinar data and a better understanding of your audience with AZoIntel's...

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What are Semantically Related Terms?

Learn what semantically related terms are and how they can impact your SEO rankings.

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Content Marketing ROI

Quickly and effectively turn insight into action with AZoIntel to get the best content marketing ROI. AZoIntel is the leading marketing analytics...

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Tracking your marketing and proving ROI with AZoIntel 4.0

AZoIntel 4.0, our in-house analytics platform paves the way for scientific marketers to make data-driven marketing decisions & quickly showcase the...

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Call Tracking and the Customer Journey

This is the second part of this interview, in which we go in-depth on the customer journey, sales and marketing metrics, and the value call tracking...

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Google Analytics - Key Marketing Metrics

A guide to the key Google Analytics metrics for the busy marketer. Includes a video guide and actionable points.

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Science of Analysis

AZoIntel was originally developed as a demonstrative tool to show the power of engagement and visitor analytics across our vast network of owned...

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