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Tracking your marketing and proving ROI with AZoIntel 4.0

Would you like to be in the position where you can effectively track your marketing efforts, whilst quickly proving marketing ROI to those making budget decisions?

This July (2021) we are launching our newly improved AZoIntel 4.0 data analytics and business intelligence platform.

Our goal is simple. To provide marketers with all the key digital marketing data in a single one-login location.

Our in-house analytics platform paves the way for scientific marketers to make data-driven marketing decisions and quickly analyse how content is performing on both the AZoNetwork and their own website.

Critically, you can also quickly and effectively showcase the results of your marketing efforts, making it easier to showcase ROI to those making budget decisions.

The road to AZoIntel 4.0

In 2013 our smart analytics platform, AZoIntel, was first launched to prove the engagement of leads generated by campaigns across the AZoNetwork.

Since then we have added a number of additional features to support scientific marketers looking to make an impact at their organization.

What value does AZoIntel 4.0 provide?

Having all your key digital marketing data in a single one-login location allows you and your team to quickly analyse your AZoNetwork campaigns, get insights about your customers and pivot your strategies so you get the best ROI.

With AZoIntel you can now integrate external data sources so that all of your own sites analytics, Google Ads and Keyword analysis are accessible through one simple login.

Integrating Google Analytics will show your website user data so you can check out overall headline stats such as users, sessions, pageviews, organic stats as well as top acquisition sources, page activity and goal completions.

Performing keyword analysis within the platform will allow you to view visibility, estimated traffic and average position so you can better understand the impact of your campaigns. You can also measure your SEO performance with the rankings distribution and keyword history features.

Tracking your Google Ads at a campaign, keyword or advert level is now easier than ever. Set budgetary tracking, view detailed keyword analysis and quickly understand how each search terms is working all within the AZoIntel platform.

Everything you need to optimise your campaigns and increase conversions on your site.

New capabilities of AZoIntel 4.0 include:

  • View Lead Data+
  • Analyse the Customer Journey in more detail
  • View additional data insights
  • Manage your content portfolio from AZoIntel
  • Integrate directly with leading CRM platforms
  • Integrate Google Analytics, GoogleAds and keyword modules to evaluate the performance of your own website and campaigns

How AZoIntel 4.0 makes you a better marketer

The market intelligence provided by AZoIntel 4.0 enables you to make better marketing decisions. Create more effective marketing campaigns by analysing which content drives the most engagement and which is most successful for driving leads and RFQs.

Learn about the individuals viewing your content and see which industry sectors they belong to. Analyse their content engagement journeys so you can invest more in the content making an impact. And integrate with your CRM so that you can attribute your marketing efforts to revenue.

Most importantly, view the easily accessible data in real time to see campaign performance and share weekly or monthly reports with your key company stakeholders to prove ROI.

How does AZoIntel benefit the sales team?

Provide your sales team with the benefit of drilling straight into your customer journeys. They can view where the visitor came from, which content they viewed, and what they did next. This will give your sales team all the context they need before reaching out.

What about GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy laws?

We take Data Privacy very seriously and have a sharp focus on ensuring that when we engage with your customers and prospects via the AZoNetwork, we have transparent and clear consent policies that provide you with the peace of mind to develop your business relationships.

Over the past 24 months we have continued to invest heavily to ensure that our data policies are compliant with all the major legislative requirements and we are proud to have received TrustArc certification for the third consecutive year as part of that process.

We manage all the consent requirements re GDPR in relation to individuals who provide their contact details to you. This means you can focus on your marketing in the knowledge that we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure privacy is being taken care of.

What is the best AZoIntel package for my business?

There are 3 AZoIntel packages to suit a variety of requirements. You can select from the following options:

  • AZoIntel Lite (free package)

The original platform which gives you all of the standard visitor information (organisation and sector details) and records all sales leads including PDFs, RFQs and Brochure Downloads.

A good starting point to better understand your customers and how they engage with your content on the AZoNetwork.

  • AZoIntel Pro

In addition to all the features available with Lite, the Pro version includes the customer engagement journey, exporting/reporting functionality, real time alerts and the option for CRM integration. You also benefit from Lead Data+, our data enhancement service, which provides instant details about the company, the individual and direct links to their social feeds.

As well as these advanced analytics, you will also get integration of your own site's Google Analytics to your AZoIntel package. Meaning you can analyse how your customers engage with your AZoNetwork and website content in one place.

  • AZoIntel Premium

Our most comprehensive offering. AZoIntel Premium provides you with the most powerful marketing insights and includes all of the benefits of Pro plus all of the website modules included.

This is the ultimate analytics package for marketers wanting to understand how their audience behaves on their own site and across the AZoNetwork. Learn about your customer behaviour and double down on what drives RFQs and sales.

A full breakdown of the marketing value available and the costs of each package are below.

View Full Features & Pricing PDF

What next?

We firmly believe that AZoIntel 4.0 will provide you with an end-product of the highest quality that will not only put your marketing in a stronger position but help keep you ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Here is what our customers say about AZoIntel 4.0

You can learn more about AZoIntel 4.0 by speaking to one of our relationship managers or by booking a demo on the link below.

Posted by Danny Layzell

After growing up in the Ribble Valley, Danny has spent much of his professional career working in marketing & operations for international education. Danny is a chartered marketer with a degree in Politics and a level 6 diploma in Digital Marketing. Whilst working as a freelance digital marketer Danny was introduced to AZoNetwork. He joined the team in 2020. As well as digital and politics, Danny is passionate about most sports mainly rugby and cricket. He is also a life-long Manchester United fan and more recently became a Dallas Cowboy supporter! Travelling has become a real interest for Danny, and he dreams of travelling alongside the ‘Barmy Army’ (England cricket fans) in the future.  

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