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The Latest B2B Content Marketing Insights for Science and Industry

What are Semantically Related Terms?

Learn what semantically related terms are and how they can impact your SEO rankings.

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Google Analytics - Key Marketing Metrics

A guide to the key Google Analytics metrics for the busy marketer. Includes a video guide and actionable points.

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B2B Google Ads Strategy

Matt's Analytical Chemistry background gives him the perfect mindset for data analysis in both Organic and Paid Search. He is currently the head of...

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How to set up a Google Text Ad [Video]

Find out the basics of how to set up a Google Text Ad and learn some more advanced features along the way.

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Google Ad Extensions [How to Video]

Learn about the different types of Google Ad Extensions and how to increase your CTRs and reduce your costs by making your campaigns more efficient.

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What is Google's new third party cookie policy?

Google is starting to phase out the use of third-party cookies. This article explains what that means for the web.

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SEO for Scientists

Dave Cockett, Head of Web Services shares his thoughts on the SEO industry, Google and his first success stories since joining AZoNetwork.

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Adwords vs. SEO - Which is best?

Organic SEO is an investment and Adwords is an expense. Although Adwords may provide short term results, discover why SEO wins in the long run.

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Is SEO Still a Dirty Word?

Dave Cockett shares 18 years' Digital Marketing experience to look back at how the SEO industry has changed and why SEO is the best type of Marketing...

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