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Ziath Limited Testimonial

Ziath Logo Ziath Limited is a small Cambridge-based manufacturer who make 2D barcode readers used extensively in sample management in pharmaceuticals, forensics, and biobanking.

I see AZo as a premier supplier of marketing services in the scientific marketing industry. I'd highly recommend AZoNetwork to anyone interested in scientific marketing. I found the expertise and ideas that AZoNetwork brings to the table very refreshing.

Steve Knight
Commercial Director, Ziath Limited
How AZoNetwork helped Ziath rank for 40 new keywords. Digital Marketing & SEO Services

The Challenge

Founded in 2005, Ziath develops innovative new products to simplify life science organizations' processes. Based in Cambridge, UK, Ziath manufactures instruments for working and tracking 2D barcoded tubes used in sample management for pharmaceuticals, forensics, and biobanking.

Ziath works through a distribution model; feeding new leads into this system is a priority for their sales network. With a highly competitive market in the US, Europe, and Japan, Ziath competes to win private label business.

The Solution

AZoNetwork has introduced search engine optimization (SEO) strategies alongside rich content creation and distribution to Ziath’s marketing efforts.

We have created a blog on the Ziath site with engaging and informative content, repurposed and redistributed on the AZoNetwork sites to our audience of over 100M annual visitors.

Ensuring Ziath rank highly for key terms like 2D barcode reading and barcode rack reader means they are top of mind for customers’ purchasing decisions. The combination of distribution through AZoLifeScience and News Medical, alongside the SEO efforts, has created a steady lead funnel for Ziath’s sales team.

The Results

Ziath now has forty keywords on the first page of Google; the collaborative effort of AZoNetwork’s SEO team and editorial team have driven Ziath’s digital presence and boosted brand awareness.

The digital presence and thought leadership position created through the blog has seen a 48% increase in organic traffic over the last 12 months, 68% more page views, and a decrease in bounce rate of 67% to the website. Ziath has also been inspired by the Marketing Science webinar series, educating the team and leading them to create new media to support their marketing program.

  • 48% increase in organic traffic
  • 67% decrease in bounce rate
  • 68% increase in page views



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