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Extronics Testimonial

Extronics Logo Extronics specialise in developing and manufacturing ATEX, IECEx, and North American certified equipment for use in hazardous areas, and rugged industrial products for harsh environments.

Project specialists help you navigate the minefield that is SEO and how to get the best out of your strategy. The experience which AZoNetwork have is incredibly important to our business and the marketing department here at Extronics.

Stuart Milne
Marketing Manager, Extronics

The Challenge

Extronics develop technologies for worker safety, accountability and asset management. They serve customers around the world from industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and mining.

Extronics traditionally faced many marketing challenges, which included: Targeting a niche market, educating multiple key stakeholders across technical material and managing a sales cycle of over 12 months.

The Solution

The SEO team at AZoNetwork created a strategy to increase the efficacy of the product and solutions pages on the website to rank well, seeing a lot of success.

A new Google Ads strategy has been implemented to maximize the performance.

CRO hadn't been considered before on the website, Google optimize is now being utilized to see how CTAs perform as well as A/B testing across the site to improve UX and conversion.

The Results

The Google Ads strategy has not only seen over 100 confirmed leads through the website’s contact forms, but the AZo team have helped the Extronics team to understand their targeting and performance.

Using specific keyword targeting, there has been an increase of over 66% in organic users on the website as well as an increase of over 71% in new users, these users have come from both the SEO strategy and Google Ads targeting.

Access to AZoInsights has given the marketing team at Extronics a useful and concise view of their analytics. A simple solution to compare and track performance of their campaigns in a single view.

  • 66% increase in organic users
  • 100+ confirmed leads from Google Ads
  • 71% increase in new users


Working with AZoNetwork - Extronics Testimonial

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