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Marketing Science in 2022 - Webinar Series Review

Catch up on the latest insights for scientific marketers, enhance your strategies and generate the best possible results in 2022 and beyond.

The first half of the 2022 #MarketingScience Webinar Series has looked at how marketers can leverage the most up-to-date marketing strategies to reach and convert new audiences.

Below you have 6 webinars offering insight into SEO, Webinars, Content strategy and much more.

1. Developing your content strategy for 2022 [Feb 22]

The way we all share science continues to be impacted by the pandemic. From the latest research into covid & cancer vaccines to the worrying rise of misinformation, sharing science with those that can make a difference has never been more critical.

In this webinar, our team discusses best practices for sharing science in 2022 and provides tips for how you can develop your content strategy.

Key learning objectives:

  • Best practices for creating scientific content
  • Understanding the role digital media plays in your content strategy
  • A closer look at trending topics for 2022

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2. Better webinar marketing - Tips for webinar marketing success in 2022 [Mar 22]

Webinars are a phenomenal platform for sharing your expertise and creating an experience that will keep your brand top of mind with your audience. They have continued to gain in popularity in 2021, so standing out from the crowd is more important than ever in 2022.

In this webinar, we share our best practices for creating better webinars in 2022.

Key learning objectives:

  • Ideas for creating a quality webinar experience
  • Best practices for promoting your webinar
  • Thoughts on where your webinars fit in with your wider strategy

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3. Building and Converting an Organic Audience [Apr 22]

Your audience has a specific need when they type a search query into Google. What they view and click on next will depend on your SEO strategy.

This webinar will first look at how to develop a search engine optimization strategy that drives relevant organic traffic to your website and then focus on best practices for converting that traffic into leads.

Key learning objectives:

  • How to drive the right audience to your site
  • Best practices for building an organic audience
  • How to convert more of your website traffic with optimization testing

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4. Nanotechnology Marketing: Communicating about Nanomaterials [May 22]

There are four key components that make up an effective communication approach to nanomaterials. In this webinar we look at each of those, audience, messaging, content development and future proofing.

Key learning objectives:

  • Tips for communicating effectively about nanomaterials
  • Understanding your customers on a deeper level
  • Simplifying your core messaging to reach both a general and specialist audience

Reach a New Nanomaterials Audience

5. Culture & Brand Building: Creating an authentic competitive advantage in a changing market [May 22]

Your organizational culture may be your most valuable asset, and the key to your growth. As leaders, we read, think and talk about the importance of culture, a lot. But are we missing the opportunity to tell that story in a way that builds authenticity internally and externally?

Watch this webinar as we welcome our special guest, Michele Nichols from Launch. Inc. Michele shares insights from her latest research into culture, brand building and the importance of creating an authentic competitive advantage in a changing market.

Key learning objectives:

  • Defining the difference between culture and brand
  • Assigning measurable value from culture and brand
  • Actionable tips to leverage culture to strengthen your brand

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6. The State of Scientific Purchasing 2022 [Jun 22]

Your customers have access to so much information that when they come to purchase a product, they are more informed than ever before. This webinar looks at the latest buying habits and trends discovered in our new market research into scientific purchasing.

Key learning objectives:

  • Developing strategies for content creation
  • Understanding the role of the vendor
  • Analyzing how content influence varies across different generations

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That wraps up the first half of the 2022 webinar series - we hope you have found the content useful.

You can view more of our #MarketingScience webinars here or get in touch with us here if you want to discuss how AZoNetwork can support your marketing.

Posted by Danny Layzell

After growing up in the Ribble Valley, Danny has spent much of his professional career working in marketing & operations for international education. Danny is a chartered marketer with a degree in Politics and a level 6 diploma in Digital Marketing. Whilst working as a freelance digital marketer Danny was introduced to AZoNetwork. He joined the team in 2020. As well as digital and politics, Danny is passionate about most sports mainly rugby and cricket. He is also a life-long Manchester United fan and more recently became a Dallas Cowboy supporter! Travelling has become a real interest for Danny, and he dreams of travelling alongside the ‘Barmy Army’ (England cricket fans) in the future.  

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