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Working Together to Win: AZoIntel Integrates with Hubspot CRM

CRM Integration

Sarah Campagna is VP of Account Services for Launch Team, specializing in data driven marketing campaigns for science and technology firms.

AZoNetwork has long been one of my favorite places to spend advertising dollars for some of Launch Team's most technical B2B clients. Serving the Healthcare, Life Sciences, Sensors, Materials, Medical and Nanotechnology fields, AZoNetwork is consistently an excellent source of leads and a referral source for high-quality traffic that demonstrates impressively low bounce rates and equally impressive engagement metrics.

The statistics available through AZoIntel, AZoNetwork's internal analytics software, are a valuable addition to the metrics I am typically reviewing for a client in both their marketing automation platform as well as in Google Analytics.

The Challenges of Lead Follow-up

Making time for new lead follow-up can be challenging when there are other, more urgent leads further down the sales funnel which require attention. Many companies spend time, effort and money on lead generation initiatives, only to forget about anything that is less than certain to close… Too much time is allowed to pass!

Without integrated tools, it is most often a member of the sales or marketing team who is assigned to the manual task of uploading leads which can quickly become an onerous and time consuming task, not to mention opportunities falling down the cracks.

AZoNetwork Finds a Solution

Nevertheless, in the latest update from AZoNetwork, this issue has been addressed and the last gap has been bridged, allowing for seamless integration of the leads directly into the HubSpot CRM.  This ensures that as soon as a lead comes in from AZoNetwork, it can be both auto-magically assigned to a member of the sales team via the HubSpot workflow AND targeted with an automated email nurture campaign that will span the coming weeks or months.

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases...

Research conducted by ANNUITAS has found that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. AZoNetwork leads have been proven to be high quality - why not nurture them?

Timing Is More Important Than Ever

We all know that buyer behavior is changing rapidly. Amazon Prime and Yelp reviews have altered individual expectations even within the high-tech B2B market. Response speed after a request for quote must be faster than it was even just a few years ago. The availability of objective content rather than just sales materials can be the difference when it comes to closing a deal with a new customer. reported last year that 82 percent of buyers viewed at least 5 pieces of content from the winning vendor. The content must be genuinely valuable to your potential customer, not just to you. Though Launch Team believes that marketing automation platforms like HubSpot are crucial to sharing content, AZoNetwork is an excellent traffic driver and lead generator, which complements a content-centric marketing plan.

Give Leads More of What They Came For

AZoNetwork is an excellent place to expose potential prospects to your educational content, but after those leads come in, your email nurture program should be feeding them additional content targeted to their particular area of interest. Offering additional content as well as opportunities to learn about your products is crucial when your lead volume is higher than what your sales team can keep up with on a daily basis (and if you're using AZoNetwork and HubSpot to generate leads, it probably is).

Marketing Automation

However, new leads’ interaction with your nurture campaign can help your sales team identify when leads are ready to be followed up with on a personal level. Lead scoring, established through your CRM or your marketing automation platform, is perhaps the easiest method of identification.

Let the Data Drive Revenue

AZoNetwork's commitment to integration with HubSpot is not just a matter of convenience or time efficiencies. It has the ability to improve revenue as well. Knowing precisely where and what your leads were researching improves the quality of sales follow-up and the likelihood of a sale.

Research has shown that sales and marketing technology alignment increases sales representative revenue by 43 percent - and that's a win!

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Posted by Sarah Campagna

Sarah Campagna is the VP of Account Services for Launch Team, a full service sales and marketing firm focused on science and technology. She specializes in data driven marketing campaigns, often built around technical content to drive new leads. Sarah enjoys helping clients hit their metrics through a creative combination of traditional and digital marketing channels strengthened by rigorous a/b testing to improve results.

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