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Marketing Life Science

Life science marketing requires a scientific approach: from content creation to distribution and ultimately analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns.

Life Science Marketing Webinar

Before getting started, if you prefer to watch rather than read then below you will find an edited transcript from the live Q&A Life Science Marketing webinar (September-2021). Listen to specialist speakers share ideas to support your Life Science marketing efforts.

Watch the full version below.

Ask About Life Sciences Marketing


Find out how to create engaging content that captivates your audience, use ultra-targeted distribution methods to boost the reach, and conduct proper Sales & Marketing follow-up to accelerate your lead-to-sale conversion rate.

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Learn more about how AZoNetwork plans, implements, and evaluates strategic campaigns for our clients using the tried and tested circular strategy for life science content marketing:

Life Science Content Marketing

Choosing the right type of content is the first essential step to a successful marketing program. Knowing your audience and what stage of the sales funnel they are likely to be at is vital.

Only 3% of your market will be actively buying at any given time.

Are you aiming to raise brand awareness about a life science product and educate the market on potential applications of a technique? Or are you looking to provide in-depth product information for decision-makers?

Once you know your goals, choosing the right type of content becomes more straightforward, from interviews to white papers. Here are some case studies from life science companies working with AZoNetwork that achieved specific goals through their life science digital marketing.

Thought Leadership interview

Raising awareness of digital pathology applications through amyloid plaques in the brain.

Huron Digital Pathology worked with AZoNetwork to produce a featured interview with leading researcher Dr. Paul Alan Cox to raise awareness of the challenges of manual counts, including subjectivity, and the advantages of digital pathology.

The feature gave an external perspective on the applications of Huron’s TissueScope LE.

Thought Leader interviews
Create great content - Are your customers involved in ground-breaking research?

Content Creation

Educating the market on a novel application of a preclinical optical imaging system

Bruker BioSpin worked with AZoNetwork to produce an informative article on a new study by researchers investigating the physical role of type IV pili in the swarming of opportunistic pathogen P. aeruginosa.

The research required an effective imaging system, thereby allowing the education of the market on Bruker’s In-Vivo Xtreme.

Content Creation Services
Do you struggle to create great content that engages your audience?

Product Profiles

Providing in-depth product information

INTEGRA Biosciences worked with AZoNetwork to produce profiles that inform potential buyers not only about the product itself but also the thoughts of their customers.

Utilizing a combination of descriptive specifications, high-quality images, videos, and customer quotations, INTEGRA Biosciences has given prospective customers all the information they need to make a buying decision and request a quote through AZoNetwork’s calls to action.

6 Tips to enhance your Product Profiles
Make your products stand out from the crowd

Content Distribution for Life Science Companies

It is said, ‘if content is king, distribution is queen’, which is undoubtedly the case in life science marketing. Not only do you need to create the right content, but you also need to make sure it reaches the right people, in the right space, at the right time.

Locating who the right people are and where they are can be difficult. Our post on Getting Started with Buyer Personas is a great guide if you haven't considered your buyer personas already.

Email newsletter

Targeting your audience

Customized emails and targeted newsletters are a great way to inform a specific audience about an exciting announcement, webinar, or event.

Global laboratory science conference, Pittcon, worked with AZoNetwork to produce and distribute several targeted customized emails to highlight the upcoming talks and themes of the conference to the right people at the right time. Email marketing to our existing audiences is a great way to reach the life science industry and build trust.

Characterizing the Brain Cell by Cell Email

Social Media

Amplifying your reach

Social media is a great place to expand the reach of your content. The most appropriate channel for you will vary depending on your specific field and objective and the type of content you produce.

A piece of content may be more relevant to your Twitter audience than LinkedIn. Regularly keeping up to date with social media analytics will give insights into your social media audiences.

Remember not just to post your updates on your own social media pages but also on relevant groups within LinkedIn and, if you have access, share with influencers.

How does Facebook use my data - A scientist's guide
Learn how to amplify your content reach by understanding how Facebook leverages user data

Scientific analysis of content marketing campaigns

Scientific analysis is key to determining the effectiveness of a life science marketing campaign. Calculating ROI can often be difficult, but technology is making life easier.

If you’re struggling to calculate your cost per lead and cost per acquisition, check out our blog post and handy tool on Measuring ROI on Lead Generation

Measuring engagement with your content in terms of time on page, bounce rates, and unique versus returning visitors is essential to see how your digital marketing for life sciences is performing.

Using AZoNetwork’s engagement tracking platform, AZoIntel, we can view and analyze a visitor’s unique journey from start to end. We can also serve related content they may like to read next and progress the visitor’s journey along the sales funnel.

Not only is it important to measure engagement in a scientific manner, but it is also crucial that your findings are fed back into your content creation to close the marketing circle and enhance your digital marketing strategy.

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  • Pittcon Testimonial

    We don’t consider AZoNetwork as a company with which we do advertising, but more as a partner or an extension of our internal staff and marketing team. Never any pressure, only solutions.

    Marian Nardozzi Pittcon
  • EKF Diagnostics Testimonial

    The ability to interrogate your traffic and leads coming through AZoNetwork in AZoIntel is what sets the service apart - Not many sites tie in such quality analytics at the back end.

    Lewis Coburn EKF Diagnostics
  • Bruker Testimonial

    AZoNetwork has been our most valuable vendor/partner in marketing over the last several years. They help us look good, and help us do our marketing job better.

    Steve Hopkins Bruker

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Posted by Emily Henderson

During her time at AZoNetwork, Emily has interviewed over 300 leading experts in all areas of science and healthcare including the World Health Organization and the United Nations. She loves being at the forefront of exciting new research and sharing science stories with thought leaders all over the world.

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