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Developing a Product Launch Strategy from Your Desk

Scientific Product Launch

Digital Product Launch

Digital marketing has been rapidly eroding the budget assigned to traditional print marketing for some time. 46.8% of scientific marketers believe content marketing and organic SEO are now the best way to generate leads.

This article discusses key channels which scientific marketers can leverage to take back control and launch a new product without even leaving their desk.


There is a lot of talk about the importance of video content as part of a robust content marketing strategy. It is hard to deny the importance of video. In fact, over sixty percent of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future.

Sixty percent of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future.

Video is a perfect platform for scientific companies. Invariably, the products on offer are complex and require some explanation to convey their unique selling point (USP) to the marketplace.

How do you get the most out of video for a product launch without leaving your desk?

Multi-lingual video

If you have some existing video footage or maybe a newly produced video for the new product, we recommend voice-over in multiple languages. This applies to any business introducing a new product that is sold on a global scale.

It is good practice to have the same video content available in the correct language for each region you serve. This will help you deliver the message quickly to a global audience.

This can all be done from your desk by transcription and voice-over artist - Voila! A series of videos in all the languages you need.

This tends to be one of those jobs that marketers have been meaning to get to but never quite completed... Given the project's value and simplicity, it's a very low-cost way to have a sustained impact in many different markets.

Multilingual & Subtitled Videos

Subtitled Videos

Similarly, subtitling videos is another simple and inexpensive way to further enhance your latest videos and rejuvenate older videos. Video transcription is quick, cheap and painless.

Every video you share on social media should have subtitles. It doesn’t cost a lot to put subtitles on your videos in multiple languages, but the return can be fantastic if you think about how we consume short-form content nowadays.

We strongly recommend getting your translations proofread. Certain terminology can be misinterpreted and a quick proof from a local rep or distributor can be a very worthwhile exercise.

Animated Videos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. At 33 frames per second, an animated video is worth millions!

There is no better way to convey complex concepts, ideas and solutions than an animated product video. And this is a project that can be managed from the comfort of your own home!

Animated Videos

Plan your Video Product Launch

Check out the three examples above and see how easy it is to convey information in a short, sharp 60 second video.

Application notes

Context is very important for a product launch. A prospective customer needs to understand how the product can solve a problem in their field.

Application notes are the bread and butter of scientific content marketing. They provide middle of the funnel content to help position your new product for an audience researching potential new solutions to an existing problem.

They also provide a key avenue for scientific companies to leverage the power of SEO. A bank of well written and well optimized application notes published on a website blog will help strengthen your page one positions for your target keywords.




Interviews are often an overlooked nugget of content marketing but are incredibly valuable. The humble interview is not a new content marketing technique. It harks back to the old trade magazines offering centre page spreads with key opinion leaders.

The problem in those days was tracking who had read the interview.

Thankfully, we have evolved and so has the Interview. Digital online interviews are a cost-effective way of generating engaging content that can reach a mass audience quickly. They require small amounts of time and can be conducted over the phone or on video conferencing with key members of your team or client base.

If done well, an interview can offer a perfect outlet to answer the questions around your product launch.

What’s more, it is a shareable form of digital content perfectly suited to social media or as part of a newsletter.


Instron Interview



B2B Webinars are increasing in popularity and there is a good reason for that. They provide a fantastic opportunity to speak to an engaged audience, aggregate useful information and answer any common questions your audience have.

Google Trends shows searches for webinars have escalated over the last few weeks as Product Marketing Managers have unsurprisingly jumped online.

For these reasons, webinars have become a reoccurring part of the scientific marketing toolbox in recent years.

In combination with other content marketing activities, a webinar can be the tip of a robust spear driving straight to the heart of your new product’s USPs.

Image Credit: Insidescientific webinar page

Let’s look at it a different way. Whenever we launch a new product, we want to start generating leads straight away. Why else have we gone to all that work of developing a new solution?

Webinars are a fantastic way of generating leads by providing something of value. A good webinar will get an average of 30-40% attendance rate. Two hundred sign ups could be 80-100 new leads all specifically showing intent for your new product.

When you marry those prospects with any poll data or form data you’ve captured throughout the promotion period, it starts to provide a very useful story for sales and marketing follow-up.

Product Listing

It is good practice to list your new product on third party websites. It will allow you to tap into a wider network of relevant individuals who might otherwise not find your new product.

Supported by all or some of the above content options will give your new product a robust launch package designed to drive engagement and leads.

Product pages are designed as bottom of the funnel content pages and are the B2B equivalent to a B2C ecommerce page. Scientific equipment sales typical sit in the longer sales bracket and therefore product pages have become vital to help capture leads.

It is good practice to use top and middle of the funnel content, like the options discussed above, to help drive relevant traffic to these pages. The intention is to convert some of that traffic into leads.

AZoNetwork Product Launch Options

Digital marketing has provided a robust set of tools allowing scientific companies to build a product launch strategy all from the comfort of your desk.

At AZoNetwork, we have been providing product launch packages for twenty years. Below, we have provided a matrix to help you decide which methods would best fit your budget.

Plan your Product Launch

Image caption: AZoNetwork product showcase packages

If you have recently launched a new product or have an upcoming launch, we would love the opportunity to share more about how AZoNetwork can help support you in your efforts.

Posted by Stuart Milne

Stuart graduated from the University of Wales, Institute Cardiff with a first-class honours degree in Industrial Product Design. After working on a start-up company involved in LED Lighting solutions, Stuart decided to take an opportunity with AZoNetwork. Over the past five years at AZoNetwork, Stuart has been involved in developing an industry leading range of products, enhancing client experience and improving internal systems designed to deliver significant value for clients hard earned marketing dollars. In his spare time Stuart likes to continue his love for art and design by creating art work and continuing his love for sketching. In the future Stuart, would like to continue his love for travel and explore new and exciting places.

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