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Marketing Science Webinar

AZoNetwork recently presented our inaugural webinar with our trusted partner, InsideScientific. The session was designed to share insights into the science of marketing and the state of marketing science in 2019.

Our cast for the webinar included roadshow regulars who have cut their teeth presenting, and engaging with, scientific crowds at Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, and London. Collectively they boast over 50 years’ experience in digital marketing. This experience was invaluable for our attendees. It allowed them to engage with the individuals who were informed and intuitively understood the topics that concerned them most during a live Q&A session. We were also keen to use this opportunity to get a feel for the issues our 288+ signups were most concerned with, using a series of live polls.

This blog post gives a brief overview of the webinar, which you are welcome to view on demand.

What Makes Great Content?

Our network holds over 700,000 unique content items, engaging over 85 million annual visitors from organic traffic alone. These unique visitors spend most of their time on our quality articles. This clearly demonstrates the importance of high-quality content in driving relevant traffic to your site and engaging users once they’ve arrived.

Stuart, our digital marketing specialist, explained what it takes to build great content for a scientific audience. He offered key takeaways to help you develop strategies for sustainable, long-term improvements to the quality and performance of your content.

During our Q&A, Stuart was asked: Where is the best place to post content: blogs, or elsewhere?

This really depends on the nature of the content. Articles, product pages, and blog posts are all unique. Every piece has its place.

Rolf, our global relationship manager, elaborated on this towards the end of the webinar, touching on the growing importance of distinct micro-moments in the customer journey. It’s best to target these key indicators of intent with finely-tuned content that answers specific search queries.

Using Video as Part of Your Inbound Strategy

Video production has changed dramatically in recent years, due in large part to the way we consume B2B video content. AZoNetwork’s video services team have developed a unique array of exceptionally high-quality product videos, interviews, thought leadership videos, and more, in various locations across the world.

Kris, our chief videographer presented on how AZoNetwork has risen to the challenges of a changing marketplace. He provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities facing the scientific marketing sector and how to engage viewers that are actively consuming video content, but who are more selective than ever.

During our Q&A, Kris was asked: How do you go about writing a solid script for a video?

The most important thing in pre-production isn’t so much about scripting, as determining your target audience. Once you’ve decided where and how they will digest this piece of content, you can start tying the format to the content message and brand image. This gives you margins within which to write a script.

Improving SEO

SEO underpins all robust digital marketing strategies. There are over 40,000 searches conducted in Google every second, highlighting just how crucial it is to have a strong presence in the SERPS. Dave, our head of web services and SEO, spent some time exploring the challenges of building and maintaining that presence in the constantly changing landscape of search results.

We recently published some of the most common questions asked at our SEO workshop in Manchester. Take a look at some SEO-related Q&As: SEO Workshop Questions.

Effective Email Marketing

The average ROI of email marketing is staggering, yet this performance is dependent on your email standing out from the billions of generic correspondences sent every single day. AZoNetwork has curated a high-quality database of over 620,000 email subscribers, using 96 subject specific newsletters per month.

Stuart outlines how you can capture, convince, and close in an effective email marketing campaign.

During our Q&A, Stuart was asked: Does this strictly refer to “email blasts”, or are you discussing something else?

By email marketing, we don’t mean inundating customer inboxes with emails. We’re talking about delivering timely, relevant content into client inboxes at a reasonable frequency.

Proving ROI

Quantitatively tracking the performance of marketing endeavors can be extremely difficult. Many marketers will be familiar with the concepts outlined above, but how do you measure their success?

Frank Barker, our chief marketing officer, briefly discusses how to measure ROIs from data and business analysis. Track the customer journey, record actionable insights, and implement lead qualification and automated distribution using dedicated analytical software like our AZoIntel platform.

During our Q&A, Frank was asked: What CRMs can you integrate AZoIntel with?

We are compatible with most major CRMs including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics. AZoIntel is a growing platform and we are continuing to improve its functionalities to increase CRM integration capabilities.

Implementing Improvements, with AZoNetwork

Whether you want to implement a new email marketing strategy, improve your SEO efforts, or find a quantitative method for proving the ROI of an existing campaign, AZoNetwork is ready to help. We’re equipped for the challenges of marketing science in 2019 and beyond. Feel free to contact a member of the team if you’d like to learn more.

Posted by Ben Stibbs-Eaton

Ben is a skilled wordsmith with a passion for language and over 20 years of experience crafting written content in various forms. He holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Chester. At AZoNetwork, Ben leads the SEO Web Services team and manages the blog component of the company's SEO service. His expertise lies in search intent analysis and topical authority. He is working towards a CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership to further enhance his managerial skills. Additionally, he aims to obtain a Blockchain Council certification in prompt engineering. Outside of work, Ben is dedicated to his writing pursuits. He is currently seeking representation for his debut novel and has gained a global readership with his short-form prose and poetry, reaching readers on every continent except Antarctica. In his leisure time, Ben enjoys rock climbing, indulging in films, creating puns, and takes pride in being a full-time people-pleaser.

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