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5 Types of Video to Consider for 2017

Originally published in December 2015, Updated on 23 February 2017.

Companies that utilize video grow company revenue 49% faster than those that don't... And with good reason too:

"Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines"

Video production has really taken off over the last couple of years, and with our social media feeds constantly competing for nanoseconds of attention, every savvy marketer needs to know a great videographer.

Beyond the Camera - Lumenera Company Presentation

Although there will always be a place for a well thought out company presentation, I have shared below five types of video which are ideal for conveying your message.

1. Showcase your product portfolio

Product Showcase Videos

The rise of social media for business has changed the way we think about delivering information to our prospective audience. What started with your business reaching the masses by throwing out a tweet or Facebook post has now developed into the need for reaching the right people, your audience, your marketplace.

Spectro Scientific Q6000 Product Video

Tradeshows are a good example and a great way to use video. So you are promoting your new product at a tradeshow made up of mostly of your competitors and when those doors open, a number of prospective clients come flooding in and you need to stand out from the crowd. Sure you can have a big booth, but what we are seeing now is more monitors playing videos, and it is a great way to draw in your potential customer without going straight in for the kill.

Ask a question about video

Not just that, but with social media, you can tweet using your videos to entice your potential customers. A lot of tradeshows are using twitter and have a specific hashtag that attendees, experts and exhibitors will use. Again, it is the question of standing out amongst your competitors, so a tweet saying "Come and visit us at booth 12516 and see our new [insert product name] #YourNo1Tradeshow" - and then a link to your video will go a long way!

2. Expand your target markets - Use Multi-Language Voiceover

Multi-language Videos

As your marketplace expands further in APAC or LTA regions video can play a major role and not just within promoting your products but in training new staff to learn about the products to sell within these regions.

Malvern Zetasizer Video in Spanish

With the way the web works, content can be translated into different languages to be read and digested across the world. Staff can also be employed within these regions to further enhance the sales process. If you have a video that is sitting on your site, it can't be translated. Does that matter? Well it depends on whether you want to make the same impact as you have made with your current marketplace. What can be done? Not only do you produce a video for the UK and American markets but you also have the same video converted into different languages using voiceover or subtitles.

Is this easy to do? It's a big job and can be complicated. Unless you know somebody that can do it...and if you are reading already do! ;-)

3. Document your events - Maximise your ROI

Conference Video

Whether you're sponsoring an event, an awards evening or making a splash at a tradeshow, you'll spend a lot of money for the people that are attending. That's great! The majority will be the right people you need to talk to and it will be a great way to showcase your company and your products. However, I would wonder about that key prospect who unfortunately couldn't make it to that event.

Why Attend Pittcon Video?

An overview video to capture the essence of an evening or an event can go a long way in an e-newsletter or on a company blog, press release or all of the above. Sure it isn't timeless but it has an initial impact that could make your event stand out for a lot longer. It is also a great place to get customer testimonials, as a lot of the key people will be in the same room at once!

4. Educate your Customers and your Employees!

Training Videos

Training videos are a key feature for any product you have whether it be for staff or new users. For new staff, they are a great tool for showing how a product operates, its key features etc. And for users it is a great way to troubleshoot and to learn how to use the product. We are in a YouTube generation and having short tutorial videos are a way of meeting the need of instant information.

Request Information about Video Services

Again I will go back to the tradeshow example and for that key prospect who can't make it, how good would it be to have a video that has a full demonstration? In some ways it could be as good as a promotional video.

Xenocs Xeuss Tutorial Video

5. Provide Powerful Social Proof

Thought Leader Testiomonials

Content marketing whether it be with articles, news, a company blog, case studies, interviews or white papers can be a powerful tool within the marketing mix and is something which will be high on the list for marketing strategies. So where does video fit into this? can do it all!

How nice would it be to indirectly promote your product by having a video, which is all about an area of research or an application? Would a testimonial video from a major customer help the sales process?

Understanding Cellular Processes using Single Molecule Studies

Having an original, subject specific video can be as powerful as having unique quality content, and if you have both of those, combine them together by embedding the video into an article or product page.

One of the things I would take away with this point, as it could be critical to your success over the next 12 months, is to be creative and think outside the box with the types of videos you can create. I could be more specific and less cliché, but then I'd be giving away too much! ;-)

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If you want to discuss this further on a more company specific basis, please contact us or take a look at our Video Services page.

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Posted by Kris Walker

Kris has a BA(hons) in Media & Performance from the University of Salford. Aside from overseeing the editorial and video teams, Kris can be found in far flung corners of the world capturing the story behind the science on behalf of our clients. Outside of work, Kris is finally seeing a return on 25 years of hurt supporting Manchester City.

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