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Digital Marketing for Life Sciences

The global life science industry market size was calculated at US $92.2 billion in 2020 and is estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 11.9% from 2021 - 2028. The life science microscopy device markets stand to reach over US $1.5 billion by 2026.

The opportunities are clear. Getting your life science digital marketing right is more important than ever. This blog will discuss some things to consider when developing a digital marketing strategy for your life sciences company.

Before we look at that, here is a helpful resource to support your marketing efforts. We’ve taken all the questions from our recent Life Science Marketing Webinar and created a Challenges & Solutions eBook, which you can download below.

Life Science Marketing Q&A Report


Digital Marketing Strategy for Life Sciences

A logical place to start when developing your life science marketing strategy is with your target market. You need to know who your customers are, what they do, where they work, and what they care about. These are just a few insights you can gather when developing your customer personas or ideal customer profiles (ICP).

When developing your life science marketing strategy, one crucial thing to understand is what your ICP does when they are in and out of buying mode. Where do they go to learn, network, and research products or services?

We’ve covered in more detail how to develop a customer persona here, so if you haven’t already got this in place, you have an excellent place to start.

Creating Digital Content for Life Sciences

Having detailed insight from our customers and prospects will help us to understand what our audience cares about. What are their challenges, and what questions do they have that you can provide answers to?

Using keyword research with search engine research tools such as SEMRush can give you a good insight into what is being searched online concerning your products or services. The keyword magic tool can help you to see popular related keywords when you type in, for example, electron microscope. Example below:

Example search from semrush

You can ensure you answer your customer's popular queries in your blog posts and pieces of content such as podcasts and webinars with these keywords in mind.

Creating a Life Science Content Marketing Strategy

When planning your content creation, create content for different stages of the buying process. If you only create product profiles, it will be harder for new customers to understand how you can help them and build trust.

Creating marketing content for Life Sciences

You can educate your target audience with thought leadership interviews, brand awareness videos or webinars.

Distributing your Life Science Content

Digital marketers tend to invest a lot of resources in life science content creation, but less effort goes into distribution.

A lot of content will remain relevant for several years and, if optimized thoroughly, can drive leads, sales, and revenue. That is why it is vital to consistently distribute content through your owned, earned, paid, and social channels.

We help organizations to get their content in front of our highly engaged and extensive life science audience (stats below). We do this by publishing to our sites and promoting through email marketing, newsletters, and social media.

  • Total annual users = 10,790,988*
  • Total annual pageviews = 11,619,593*

* Visits sourced from Google Analytics - Yearly average Jan to Dec

Analyzing the Results

AZoIntel has made tracking digital marketing campaigns a much more straightforward task. The platform provides our clients with all the key data on one dashboard to easily analyze performance, optimize campaigns and quickly report results to senior management.

A scientific approach to your marketing plan allows you to optimize your complete marketing cycle, ensuring the best content for your target audience is distributed across the most relevant channels.

Ask About Marketing Life Science


Digital Marketing Challenges in the Life Sciences

Marketers will experience a host of challenges when developing their digital marketing strategy. We discussed some of these challenges in our recent webinar: Life Science Marketing. You can find full details in the eBook below, but this question below really got us thinking:

"How do you get across the importance of marketing to your science folks? What does it take to make a marketing project a priority?"

Marketing is a science these days. Essential website analytics are just the tip of the iceberg.

Show your scientists that you're constantly running experiments and show them the data.

When they're contributing to something, ensure you explain to your people how you will use it and determine success. Whether your experiment works or not, returning to your scientists and following them up will ensure their understanding.

If you're in a commercial organization, everybody's focused on bringing in the orders. Share the latest forecasts, give updates on campaigns, and ensure that everyone knows which direction the company is going.

It's all about communicating internally. It's very easy to forget to market internally and externally, it's a slightly different message, but it's equally important.

Digital Marketing for Life Science - additional resources

Below are some additional resources to support your digital marketing. You can also arrange a call with one of our experts to talk you through some options available to support your marketing efforts.

Life Science Marketing eBook - Questions & Solutions

You can download a full collection of Questions and solutions from our webinar Q&A below.

Life Science Marketing Q&A Report

Life Science Digital Marketing Webinar

In this live round-table discussion, our specialist marketing panel answered your questions about Life Science Marketing. Learn new ideas, and get the insights and confidence to ensure that your marketing is successful.

What we covered:

  • Your biggest marketing challenges
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Creating content that works for Life Sciences

Life Science Audience Pack

Our popular life sciences platform serves a specialized, global audience of researchers, biotech, and biomedical lab specialists across all aspects of laboratory and life sciences.

With an annual readership of 6.7 million engaged users, we help our clients share their stories with the people that matter on the world’s number one Life Science Marketing Platform. Download our Life Science audience pack here.

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