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AZoNetwork Adds Call Tracking to its Web Service Capabilities

AZoNetwork has recently added call-tracking capabilities to its web services, allowing us to provide an even deeper insight into who is looking at your content and where they are coming from.

The Issue with Phone Calls

Online, it is easy to track the buyer's journey, from how they entered the site (organically, direct, PPC, etc.), to what the end result was (form fill-in, download content, bounce, etc.) and this can be used to improve your marketing strategy.

Typically, phone calls are more difficult to track and measure. Your companies phone number could be in a number of places online, including your own website, display ads, directory listings, etc. Generally, there is no way of tracking which phone number placement was the most successful unless you asked every single caller how they found the company number – and this wouldn’t necessarily be accurate.

How the caller landed on your site is also generally unknown; they could have some form of brand awareness and enter the site directly, your site could rank well organically for the keyword the caller searched for and that’s how they found you, or they may have clicked on a PPC ad on Google.

Having an understanding of how your website is discovered for all outlets is a very valuable tool, and call tracking is a simple way to achieve this.

Understanding the Buyer Journey

Call tracking is a relatively simple way to remove the unknown from where your phone calls are coming from. Using a unique phone number calls are diverted directly to the correct one, but data regarding how the customer found the number is saved. Once a considerable amount of data is gathered, you can start to discover which phone number placement is the most successful and amend your marketing strategies accordingly.

With call tracking, a different unique number is generated depending on how the caller found your company phone number. This allows you to break down how your organic and PPC campaigns are performing, and the results can be integrated with your online data to see how successful your efforts are overall.

As all calls are recorded, not only can you see where your calls are coming from, you can also see if these referring channels are providing quality leads.

Call Tracking from AZoNetwork

AZoNetwork now has the ability to provide call tracking services for our clients. We are able to integrate the software into your site or your supplier profile on one of our 10 websites to provide insights about the calls your company receives.

An example sales call we can record and track with our call tracking services

Some of our SEO clients are already benefiting from our call tracking capabilities and can see where their leads are coming from, and how they are being dealt with in-house.

If you would like any more information about our call tracking services and how we can help to improve your marketing strategy, please get in touch.

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