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Nanotechnology Marketing – Ensuring Your Content Reaches Your Audience

Nanotechnology is the branch of science, engineering, and technology that deals with functional systems at the molecular scale – smaller than 100 nm. It is the science behind a wide range of applications: Nanotechnology enables manufacturers to make waterproof smartphones, doctors to provide targeted drug delivery in patients and electronics companies to improve colour vibrancy whilst making TVs that are more energy efficient.

The industry fully emerged in the 1980s and since then has grown rapidly. As the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, highlighting the benefits and USPs of your product or technology becomes considerably more challenging.

Only 3% of your target market are actively in the buying process

At any one time, only 3% of your customers are ready to buy. There are often multiple decision makers to consult and budgeting processes to adhere to.

This blog post will outline how to reach audiences within nanotechnology by ensuring that content reaches the right people at the right point in the buyer's journey. First, let's take a look at some of the advances in nanotechnology since 1959.

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Moore’s Law

In 1965 Gordon Moore described his observation that the number of transistors in an integrated chip doubled every two years, and the term Moore’s Law was given to this trend. Over the past 50 years, this trend has continued due to advances in nanotechnology enabling transistors to reach atomic dimensions and computers to become a mere fraction of their original size and much more powerful.

Scanning Tunneling Microscope

The scanning tunneling microscope was developed by Heinrich Rohrer and Gerd Binnig in 1981 and later went on to win the Nobel Prize in Physics for this invention. A scanning tunneling microscope is an instrument used to image surfaces at the atomic level - Perfect for studying semiconductors and the ever decreasing size of transistors on the aformetioned integrated circuits.

They allow researchers to obtain a 3D profile of a surface, providing much more information about the surface characteristics, including roughness, surface defects, and molecular size.

Carbon Nanotubes

Sumio Iijima discovered the carbon nanotube in 1991 and won the Kavli Prize in Nanoscience in 2008 for this and other nanotechnology discoveries. Carbon nanotubes exhibit extremely high strength, electrical and thermal technology and they have found many applications in medicine, electronics and the environment.

Marketing Technical Content

In the crowded nanotechnology industry, marketing your product, service or even new technology effectively is crucial in order to get your message seen. AZoNetwork has years of experience in telling nanotechnology stories to the people that matter, and our tried and tested approach of marketing to a technical audience ensures we get the best results.

When creating content for our clients in the nanotechnology sector, we always refer back to the sales funnel and produce content that is targeted towards where the customer is in their buyer’s journey.

Below we will look at a case study of how we have used the sales funnel to create content for one of our clients.

The Nanotechnology Content Marketing Funnel

Top of the Funnel Content

The article titled ‘Combining Atomic Force Microscopy with Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy’ is a perfect example of top of the funnel content, which has the purpose of educating and generating general awareness of product or services.

This article provides a basic overview of an application area the client works in, with little mention of the client until the very end. It helps to engage readers, and start to generate awareness of the brand in the sector in which it operates.

Middle of the Funnel Content

Content that is targeted at customers in the middle stage of the funnel is used to capture leads before you nurture them. The article titled ‘In Situ Electrochemical Measurements Using AFM’ is an example of middle of the funnel content.

This type of content is used to differentiate those audience members who are bona fide potential customers and often include a lot of calls-to-action (CTAs) to capture the data of interested parties. The article we use in this example provides a more in-depth look at the application area.

Much like top of the funnel, content that falls in this category is educational, if a little more application specific. It is aimed at people who are in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey, so effective content will inform and encourage the progression onto the decision stage.

Bottom of the Funnel Content

Customers at the bottom of the sales funnel are ready to purchase a particular product or service and just need that last bit of information before closing the deal. Product profiles, videos,  testimonials and case studies are ideal for use as bottom of the funnel content.

Product profiles provide customers with all of the specifications and product features to ensure that they are completely satisfied they are making the correct choice. CTAs allow customers to request a quote directly from the supplier once they are ready to make a purchase, making the user experience simple and effective.

Nanotechnology Marketing Solutions from AZoNetwork

AZoNetwork has a range of content marketing solutions that have been used extensively for our nanotechnology clients and generated some fantastic results. Our expertise in content marketing for the entire science industry allows us to build campaigns that produce sales.

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If you would like any more information about how we can help with nanotechnology marketing, please contact us.

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