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Marketing Science Solutions from AZoNetwork

At AZoNetwork we love to tell science, technology, and medical stories to the people who can make a difference, and we have over fifteen years of experience working in these fields.

Our range of marketing science solutions allow us to tell our clients' stories to over 5 million unique visitors across our 10 sector-specific websites and range of distribution channels. The process is simple; we create quality content for clients, target this content to the relevant audience, and measure the results.

Scientific Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing

Our email marketing solutions allow you to target a specific selection of subscribers from our database of over 500,000 industry professionals.

We have a range of newsletters that cover a wide variety of topics, from spectroscopy to polymers. These newsletters target a large, focused audience, which helps to boost brand awareness and fain exposure with the people who matter.

Customized emails are available for clients who require even more specific audience targeting. These emails are entirely dedicated to your content, and you have complete control over which subscribers it is sent too.

Pittcon have sent out various customized emails to our subscriber base;

“We were looking for advertising that gave us a larger, deeper reach and in addition, more targeted campaigns which would give us a better ROI on our advertising dollars. Looking to reach a younger, newer audience.”

View full Pittcon testimonial and case study

We were able to achieve this for them as the audience can be filtered by geography, profession, and keywords to ensure that the right people receive the content.


Content forms one of our biggest marketing science solutions.

Our quality content services allow you to reach your target audience with relevant content throughout the buying journey via our websites, social platforms and subject specific newsletters.

With our content distribution packages, we repurpose and repackage existing content and then publish it on one of our sites. This helps to generate more awareness of your services and products by expanding the reach and quality of the audience.

Composition Materials used our content services to help increase brand awareness;

“The benefit of the program is having a much stronger online presence. Our AZoNetwork articles perform extremely well in searches, and this also drives significantly more traffic to our website.”

View the Composition Materials testimonial and case study.

From article, white papers and product profiles, each piece of content on our site features a ‘Request for Quote’ (RFQ) button, allowing the audience to contact you directly if they require more information or want to purchase your products.

Content creation allows you to work with our team of editors who will help you to create bespoke pieces of content. All we require for content creation is the subject, style, tone and few pieces of reference material to get to work. This helps to free up your internal resources, while still providing premium content.

Mo-Sci are just one client who have seen this benefit of content creation;

“The team at AZoNetwork is like having an extension of my marketing team here at Mo-Sci. I can give them an idea or concept and they create the content which frees me up to work on other things.”

See how Mo-Sci used AZoNetwork to create great content, interviews and video

Content creation pieces are assets which you own the rights to, allowing you to place it on your own site or ours, or both!


By sharing your knowledge in specific areas and highlighting how your products or services are benefiting the field, interviews can be a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Insights from Industry allow you to put a face to your products and services and provide an insight into them by interviewing an expert from within the company.

This is something that our client Mo-Sci can confirm;

“AZoNetwork helps me to provide relevant content that positions us as thought leaders in our industry because they are very familiar with materials science and B2B marketing.”

Krista Grayson, Director of Sales - Mo-Sci

The insights from industry process is simple, the questions are agreed beforehand and our editors conduct the interview over the phone or via email. Once approved, the interview is published on one of our sites and can also be used as email marketing content.

Our Thought Leader series are interviews with the people who are using your products. These impartial pieces of content allow your customers to explain their own research and how your products have helped them.

This makes your products relatable to potential customers who may be looking for an unbiased review of your products.


Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, which is why our video services enable you to capture your audience’s attention quickly.

We can create a range of styles of marketing science videos, choose from a customer application story, an interview, and event or a unique idea. Our experienced videographers will take control of the entire process, from concept to post production.

We have done a lot of video work with Pittcon, helping promote the show;

“Their team is instrumental in reaching our speakers to provide interviews and to make content videos and testimonials.”

You have complete control over any videos we produce, we make edits where required to ensure that you get exactly what you want. And because you own the rights to the video, you have the option of additional distribution across our platform.

Web Services

Our team can help to increase your online visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure your own website is generating the best possible traffic.

We conduct extensive keyword research and implement the results onto your website to increase your rankings on Google and other search engines. As you see the rankings improve, the number and quality of leads will increase.

Thermcraft are just one company who have seen the benefits of our SEO services;

View the Thermcraft SEO Testimonial
“Since working with AZoNetwork’s Web Services and SEO team, Thermcraft are now page 1 for a huge amount of our chosen keywords and we have seen a 72.46% increase in organic traffic as well as a 24.23% increase in inquiries in the last 6 months alone.”


Our unique analytical platform, AZoIntel, rounds all of our products up. This platform has the ability to show you exactly who is interacting with your content and can report on any sale leads.

We can report on which content is performing best, allowing us to suggest the best types of content going forward and measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

EKF Diagnostics are impressed with what AZoIntel can do;

“The ability to interrogate your traffic and leads coming through AZoNetwork in AZoIntel is what sets the service apart - Not many sites tie in such quality analytics at the back end.”

View EKF Diagnotic's full case study and testimonial

If you require any information about any of our marketing science solutions please reach out, we'll be happy to talk strategy.

Ask about our solutions

Posted by Jess Maloney

Jess graduated with a BA (Hons) in Media and Journalism from Nottingham Trent University. It was here where she broadened her writing skills across a wide range of content, and Jess still enjoys writing in and out of work. Jess is a keen traveller, spending time in Brazil and Ghana over recent years, and she’d love to see more of the world. In her spare time, Jess enjoys shopping and going to gigs with friends.

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